web development team

A Complete Guide to Hiring a Web Development Team

Web development started as a simple tool or technology for building plain pages meant to ease complex processes in the...
Game development studio

How to Start a Game Development Studio

The mainstream media, including TV and Film, always paint video gamers as the minority of new tech consumers. But in...
web development trends

9 Web Development Trends & Best Technologies in 2022

Websites are more important than ever to both businesses and non-profitable organizations. To date, there are over 1.93 billion websites...
hire it contractor

How to Successfully Hire IT Contractors Without Wasting Extra Time

The number of permanent employees is significantly reducing across many organizations, especially in the IT industry. Today,  56% of the...
hire big data developer

How to Hire a Big Data Developer Successfully

Data is the new gold when it comes to day-to-day business operations, such as marketing, conducting product research, or even...
onshore software development

Onshore Software Development Model: All Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology consumption is at an all-time high with companies using an average of  110 SaaS solutions to fulfill various customer...
scaling engineering team

Scaling Engineering Teams Successfully and Without Wasting Extra Costs

There is more to scaling engineering teams than meets the eye. It’s a practice that goes beyond hiring additional in-house...
Bid data trends

Big Data Trends to Follow in 2022

The amount of data that consumers generate every day is quite mind-boggling, with experts estimating it to be nearly  2.5...
IT recruitment in poland

IT Recruitment in Poland: How to Speed Up This Process With the Newxel Team

According to SHRM, the average time to fill a position is 36 days. Unfortunately, this period when posts sit unfilled...
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