Portrait of a Ukrainian Software Engineers – 2020

It’s high time to look at the updated portrait of the Ukrainian IT specialist based on the recent analytical report by DOU This year DOU pulled in an impressive 12 419 questionnaires, and we can note right away that no significant changes occurred during the year. On many issues, the Ukrainian IT specialist has shown a solid level of consistency in their views and preferences. The average age of […]

Why Gender Diversity In Tech Matters

Diversity in tech shows how open companies are to something new and different. Organizations with a diverse workforce are more inclined to offer a greater variety of solutions to different problems, as employees with different backgrounds bring new talents, knowledge and skills.  The findings of the study by Morgan Stanley, show that a more diverse workplace deliver better results and better returns with less volatility. In the […]

How to Successfully Integrate an Offshore Development Team Into an Existing Business or an In-House R&D Department

Talent, affinity, and creativity do not depend upon countries and borders. Which means, to solve a problem or go through with a project, you can avail yourself of the best people, no matter where they are located.  In our previous article, we were talking about How To Choose An Offshore Development Team. Now it is time to talk about the integration of that team into an […]

How To Choose An Offshore Development Team?

Offshore development is a common practice for thousands of companies around the world. There is so much extraordinary talent scattered all over the continents, but how do you find the perfect partner for your project?  Every entrepreneur understands that no matter how great an idea is, it’s the people, the team, who make this idea real, profitable and successful. Which is why finding and hiring […]

Cost of Hiring a Development Team: Israel vs. Ukraine

When making any big business decision, the common concern is estimating the budget. If you decide to work with a dedicated team of developers, it is no different. It’s vital to estimate the cost of hiring a development team and the effort required for a certain project, compare different solutions and offers.  Obviously, the goal is to find a team that will deliver a high-quality […]

6 Reasons for Israeli Companies to Choose Ukrainian Development Teams or R&D centers

Finding a perfectly assembled team of developers can be difficult. Nevertheless, many world IT-companies have already discovered the potential of Ukraine. Time and time again, Ukrainian development teams, IT-specialists, and offshore R&D centers deliver top quality work for reasonable prices. Ukraine is home to the largest number of certified IT-specialists in Europe and ranks fourth in the world by the number of IT-specialists after the […]

The Benefits of Working with Dedicated Team Instead of Classic Outsourcing or In-House Team

When comes the time to have massive IT work done, this calls for some serious decision making. It is important to consider all the options like a dedicated team, outsourcing or in-house team and decide which is best for your business at this point. If you are planning a short-term or a one-time project, you may consider outsourcing, as you won’t have to hire an […]

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