AI in project management

How AI is Transforming Project Management

According to a 2023 report from, approximately 21% of project managers are already leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to maximize project efficiency. With AI, project managers gain a significant advantage — they can identify potential risks sooner, streamline operations, and make well-informed decisions. This strategic relationship between AI and project management not only ensures smoother project execution but also enhances overall success. This […]

remote team

How To Boost Productivity in a Remote Development Team: Best Practices

The employment sector has undergone a massive revolution over the last few years. This is because of the rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements as preferred modes of employment. Remote work offers staff the freedom to work from locations of their choice. However, while flexible and convenient, this work model has challenges that may reduce remote team productivity. A survey in the US and […]

Human Element in Cybersecurity: Strengthening the First Line of Defence

Experts warn that by 2025, cyber attacks could cost the world up to $12 trillion. However, to fight back, we have powerful technology like firewalls and encryption. But there’s a key piece we often overlook — people. Almost 95% of cyber breaches happen because of simple mistakes. That’s why teaching and empowering our employees about cybersecurity is so important. When people know how to spot […]

Company culture

Cultivating Company Culture: The Secret Sauce of Successful Israeli Tech Startups

Israel is a global technology leader, ranking third worldwide in the number of active startups. It has attracted more than $95 billion in investment capital over the past six years, thanks to standout companies like Wix, Waze, and Elementor. These companies have not only contributed to Israel’s prominence in the tech sector but also share a common foundation that underpins their success: a strong emphasis […]

HR services

Dedicated HR Services as an IT Cost Optimization Tool

Administrative tasks often take up a lot of time and resources for IT organizations, particularly those with both in-house and remote teams. For this reason, it’s becoming more common for companies to outsource their HR functions. This strategy allows them to access top-notch HR services affordably, without the need for an in-house HR manager or department, leading to significant cost savings. Today, about 80% of […]

Employee Development

Nurturing Talent: Strategies for Employee Growth and Development

Investing in employee talent nurturing is essential and strategic in today’s workplace. Research shows that 94% of employees are likely to stay longer at companies that invest in learning and development. Moreover, 47% believe that training at their current job helps them move up in their career. These figures highlight the importance of talent nurturing and its many benefits, which we’ll discuss in this article. […]

remote developer

How to Integrate Remote Developers Into Your In-house Team

The dynamics of work is changing. Remote jobs are slowly becoming the standard, with companies of all sizes leveraging remote workers for their projects. As of September 2023, 28% of workdays were worked remotely, a significant increase from 7% in 2019. This trend indicates a significant and lasting change in how and where we work. While remote work spans across industries, the computer and IT […]

Tech Staff Turnover

A Look at Tech Staff Turnover and How to Reduce It

For any business owner, an employee’s sudden or premature departure has overarching implications. According to researchers from Gallup, American businesses lose up to $1 trillion due to staff turnover. In more relatable terms, when an employee voluntarily chooses to leave, it could lead to costs equivalent to almost double their yearly compensation package! This is not to mention the indirect costs of employee turnover, such […]

manage a game development team

Game Development Team Management: How-to Guide

Developing a game is no small feat — it takes a team of experts working together to produce a high-quality product. And getting the team to work effectively together can be a challenge. This is confirmed by 18% of team leads according to studies. Fortunately, with the right skills, tools, and resources, managing game developers can be trouble-free, exciting, and fulfilling. In this guide, we’ll […]

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