Extreme programming

The State of Extreme Programming in the Middle East [2021 Update]

With constant changes happening in IT, project management approaches that the world had gotten used to no longer became feasible. Where the success of a business hinged upon its speed to deliver products to the market, it was required to substantially shorten the software development life cycle. This meant that experts in the field of IT had to unearth better ways to steer the constantly […]

Offshore Project Manager

Hiring an Offshore Project Manager in 2021 — The Why and How?

The perks of offshoring are numerous and can’t be denied. But, proper management is one of the few areas where organizations may face challenges. That is why you may consider hiring a project manager (PM) to take the load off and help you stay on track. However, not everyone needs to hire one. In this post, we’ll find out when and why you need an […]

The Top 5 Myths About IT Staff Augmentation

The workforce is emerging from the pandemic, having learned many valuable lessons. The importance of remote work, the need for reliable digital infrastructure, and flexible workflows became apparent for business owners and team leaders. Also, if you did not realize the importance of top-notch talent in helping teams businesses bounce back, you haven’t been paying attention to market trends. According to McKinsey’s research, 24% of […]

Dedicated Development Team Management

10 Best Tools for Managing an Offshore Development Team Successfully

Working with an offshore development team can be the best decision your company ever made. But it’s essential to not skip a major task — communication and process tracking. Otherwise, you can go astray. Using proper tools, it’s possible to enhance the working processes of your offshore development team, thus producing an excellent product in a short time. We’ll break down how to manage a […]

Lean development methodology

Lean Software Development Methodology: Pillars, Principles, Use Cases, Benefits

Back in the 1970s, Toyota encountered a bump in its product delivery. To solve this problem, they invented a project management system that was to help them eliminate wastage in the manufacturing process, Toyota Production System (TPS) — now popularly known as the lean management system. To say this methodology was a success would be an understatement. The company’s revenue boomed and lean management system […]

Agile transformation

Exciting Journey to Agile. Interview With Agile Coach Artem Bykovets

Appearance High demand for Agile specialists in 2021 Our convoluted and dynamically changing world and in the particular business environments are rapidly becoming even more and more complex. Needless to say that this process was only amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic which made a great point to any skeptics out there about the importance of agility and the willingness to change plans on the go. […]

Part 4: Manage Your Offshore Based Development Team Effectively

Today, many international companies and startups have embraced offshore software development to save costs, time, and enhance productivity. However, it helps to appreciate that these benefits are only realized when businesses manage their offshore-based teams effectively. See, contrary to what you may think, managing remote programmers can be quite challenging. It comes with a unique set of issues, e.g., differences in time zone, culture, and […]

offshore software development team

How to Manage an Offshore Development Team

Managing a team is tough enough, but manage an offshore development team is exponentially more challenging. Cultural, language, socio-economic differences tend to make the life of a team manager even harder. As with any team, an offshore team needs a good project management framework and clear communication guidelines. Ways of reporting, testing, and discussion are established upfront so that everyone knows what and when needs […]

tips for offshore development team

How to Work With Offshore Development Teams During COVID-19 Period

In a bid to control the fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic, governments across the globe have enforced drastic measures such as quarantines, curfews, and total lockdowns. These measures, while quite effective at mitigating the spread of coronavirus, have made it difficult for companies to sustain optimal performance. Nonetheless, there’s still a glimmer of hope for businesses amid the COVID-19 crisis. By working from home and hiring an […]

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