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IT Staff Augmentation Trends

Top IT Staff Augmentation Trends and How They Affect Your Business

Attracting and retaining skilled local workers has become a challenge in many countries. According to a 2023 survey by ManPower Group, 77% of employers worldwide say they find it difficult to get the skilled talent they need. Out of this number, a whopping 78% is in the IT industry. Companies are increasingly looking to staffing options like IT staff augmentation to fix this issue. But […]

cybersecurity staff augmentation

Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation for Your Business Needs

When your team is swamped, preventing cybersecurity incidents is often overlooked. But leaving your company’s entire infrastructure vulnerable to attacks isn’t an option. Like the different types of IT staff augmentation, cybersecurity staff augmentation allows you to fill that gap in your security strategy. What is Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation? So what is what is staff augmentation? Cybersecurity staff augmentation involves partnering with an agency that […]

co-located team

Co-located vs. Distributed Teams: Difference and Benefits for Business

To increase visibility, adaptability, and product quality in software development, 71% of companies in the US have adopted agile methodology and associated frameworks like Scrum. Depending on an organization’s hiring or project implementation needs, an agile team can either be distributed or co-located. But the real question is, what are the risk-benefits of distributed vs co located agile teams? In this article, we describe the […]


How to Manage Remote Software Developers: Best Tips

Remote work culture has already made a foray into the mainstream arena, with Gartner estimating that at least 48% of the global workforce will work remotely post-pandemic, as opposed to the initial 30%. The tech and IT industries top the list of sectors that are seizing the business benefits of remote software development. However, the growing size and demands of remote developers call for HRs […]

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Dedicated Team vs. Fixed Price vs. Time and Materials: Comparative Business Guide for 2023

A recent study by Deloitte reveals nearly 70% of organizations partner with outsourcing companies for software development projects to save money and access global-rated talents. Other managed services that a development company can offer include cloud migration, legacy infrastructure optimization, infrastructure management, or any other IT-related role. The first concern that lingers in your mind when deciding whether to partner with remote developers is the […]

websummit 2022

Top 5 Trends in the Web Summit 2022 Event — Insights from the Newxel Team

Web Summit is arguably one of the largest annual technology conferences in the world, with its core focus on the latest insights, empowerment, and aggressive marketing. The summit was started by David Kelly, Daire Hickey, and Paddy Cosgrave back in 2009. It was first inaugurated in Dublin, Ireland, before the organizers permanently moved it to Lisbon, Portugal. The conference attracts thousands of participants across the […]

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Hire Dedicated Remote Development Team: What You Need to Know to Find Best Talents

As established companies like Google, Cisco, and Microsoft outsource most of their development processes, small and medium-sized companies are following their lead and turning to offshore teams to access top-tier software engineering talents. According to Finance Online, an estimated 96% of companies hire remote developers in some capacity – with incredible outcomes on their bottom line. In fact, recent statistics show the fastest-growing companies adopt […]

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Software Development Team in Bulgaria: Benefits and Loses to Consider

BusinessWire estimates that by 2027, the global market for IT outsourcing will hit an enormous amount of $410 billion. This massive increase in IT outsourcing is triggered by the rapid growth of the tech industry. More and more companies are seeking out offshore software development teams with proven experience, which work efficiently within the client’s budgets. And a lot of businesses are finding software development […]

augmented staff

IT Staff Augmentation: Features, Loses, and Traps for Your Business Today and Beyond

As global digitization is snowballing, businesses are finding themselves in a sticky situation of acute talent shortage. A recent study by McKinsey reveals that 87% of HR executives are either experiencing talent gaps or expect the same in the near future. Business areas that experience skills gaps include web and software development, data analytics, and R&D. Fortunately third-party hiring models, such as IT staff augmentation […]

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