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software development in portugal

Software Development in Portugal: 5 Reasons to Consider

What comes to your mind if you want to hire a third party for software development services? It has to be increased operational efficiency due to freed up human and financial resources that can be rerouted to core business development projects. While the purpose and benefits of working with an offshore software developer are clear, businesses often find themselves in a conundrum when looking for […]

Bucharest is the center of software development in Romania

Software Development in Romania: Easy Start

Software development outsourcing is increasingly becoming a trend among businesses that want to bypass recruitment bottlenecks and harness the benefits of working with the best talents the world can offer. Eastern Europe has played an integral role in driving this trend, given that the region is home to some of the best and most innovative software development companies. Among the top countries in the region […]

game development roles

Game Development Roles and Responsibilities You Need For Your Project Success

The average person spends over 14 hours a week on video games. To create such captivating entertainment, producers ensure that in production, game development roles are occupied by experts in the industry. Also, there is a need for collaborative input from various disciplines in the development process to deliver a quality product on time. However, usually, game companies face many challenges, some citing talent shortage […]

Game development studio

How to Start a Game Development Studio

The mainstream media, including TV and Film, always paint video gamers as the minority of new tech consumers. But in contrast to this, Newzoo estimates that more than 2.69 billion global internet users played video games in 2020. At the same time, revenues in the game industry soared to $159.3 billion, with half of the market earnings emanating from the Asia-Pacific region. These statistics show […]

hire it contractor

How to Successfully Hire IT Contractors Without Wasting Extra Time

The number of permanent employees is significantly reducing across many organizations, especially in the IT industry. Today,  56% of the global workforce prefers working on a freelance basis to manage their own schedule. 11.7% of the global workforce thinks that independent contracting doesn’t limit them to a fixed income. In other words, this mode of employee-employer collaboration is gaining traction. That aside, hiring IT contractors […]

onshore software development

Onshore Software Development Model: All Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology consumption is at an all-time high with companies using an average of  110 SaaS solutions to fulfill various customer needs. This represents a 38% in the last year alone and a 1,275% increase in the last seven years. Although some businesses choose to use ready-made software solutions on subscription plans, a majority of businesses still prefer building their custom systems from scratch. In that […]

scaling engineering team

Scaling Engineering Teams Successfully and Without Wasting Extra Costs

There is more to scaling engineering teams than meets the eye. It’s a practice that goes beyond hiring additional in-house or offshore mobile developers, and into enabling new hires to adapt to the company’s application architectures. It’s also about ensuring development practices align with the company’s culture, establishing communication channels, setting metrics, building a flexible team structure, and many more. And the importance of doing […]

global delivery model in software development

Global Delivery Model in Software Development: Benefits, Differences and Reasons to Choose

Since its advent, the global delivery model hasn’t had difficulties gaining traction. It has revolutionized the IT landscape, with many companies eager to adopt it. Software development outsourcing is one of the key factors driving its popularity, allowing technology firms to partner with developers from across the globe. This article focuses on the different types of global IT delivery models, digging deeper into their benefits, […]

Migration to the cloud

Cloud Migration Cost Estimate: How to Calculate It Without Overspending

One of the benefits of using cloud technology is reducing infrastructure costs and paying only for what employees actually use. This approach is only gaining momentum. According to Gartner’s research, more than 70% of companies have already migrated their workloads into the public cloud. However, cloud migration projects require serious thought and consideration for all user groups when it comes to budget. Often the IT […]

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