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what is team leasing in IT

Team Leasing in IT: Pluses and Minuses, Alternatives, Challenges

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented increase in the demand for IT engineers and software developers globally. The IT industry is constantly evolving and this has led to a shortage of skilled IT talents to handle the increasing workload. In fact, according to a CNBC News report from 2019, there are almost 1 million unfilled IT positions in the USA alone. This means […]

PHP development outsourcing

How to Find Valuable Expertise of Outsource PHP Development

Today, 79% of websites that operate through w3techs use PHP for their back-end. And the PHP programming language was the most popular in 2021, with a market share of 45.43 percent. From Wikipedia, Facebook, Slack, MailChimp, WordPress, Etsy iStock, Spotify, Yahoo, Flickr, and Tumblr among many others, the list of popular organizations that use PHP is endless. Considering the high demand for PHP coding language […]

hybrid meetings

Hybrid Meetings: Best Practices for Engagement and Efficient Outcome

How many times do you hear your teams complaining about recently held meetings? Truth be said, everyone in the organization occasionally feels overwhelmed by meetings, whether virtual, in-person, agile, traditional, formal, or informal. Typically in the modern business practice, they are lengthy, more frequent, and tiresome. Today, executives spend more than 23 hours every week holding appointments. This is minus impromptu meet-ups that don’t make […]

Team as a Service

Team as a Service (TaaS): A Perfect Way to Meet Your Business Needs

The pandemic’s seismic impact is now more prevalent in the global labor market than ever. Did you know that by 2030, there will be a global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people? This is roughly Germany’s population and could result in around $8.5 trillion lost in potential annual revenue. These are awakening trends for businesses that can’t risk slashing their services simply […]

software developers in eastern europe

5 Reasons To Consider Software Development In Eastern Europe In 2021 and Beyond

Digital technologies have advanced rapidly over the past two decades, changing peoples’ lives forever. Today, over 3 billion people own a smartphone, while 47% of all households in the world own at least one computer. This makes software development a basic need for all industries: finance, accounting, healthcare, education, and more. However, despite the many success stories told by Google, Amazon, and other tech giants, […]

where to hire developers for startup

How to Find and Hire Programmers for a Startup in 2021?

The tech talent war rages on as businesses continue to face challenges in finding and hiring programmers. According to U.S. Labor statistics, in 2020 alone, the global talent shortage peaked at 40 million skilled workers worldwide. As if that’s not enough, this figure is expected to further explode to 85.2 million by 2030! Can you imagine what this means for startup businesses? They have to […]

IT Staff augmentation by types

IT Staff Augmentation in 2021

Before COVID-19, staff augmentation wasn’t that popular among most IT companies. However, this has significantly changed since the pandemic hit — today, staff augmentation is the new normal for tech companies around the globe. To put this into perspective, before the Coronavirus hit the world in 2019, the global outstaffing market was $92.5 billion. Fast forward, post the pandemic, now the IT staff augmentation market […]

Hire Embedded Developer

How to Hire an Embedded Software Developer for a US Healthcare Company

Along with the development of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things arrived embedded system development. Moreover, with the increase of extremely infectious diseases in recent years, the growing need to utilize embedded systems in innovative technology in healthcare grew tremendously in 2021. While many US companies are currently searching for professional embedded system developers, the statistics say there are not enough qualified experts in […]

The Top 5 Myths About IT Staff Augmentation

The workforce is emerging from the pandemic, having learned many valuable lessons. The importance of remote work, the need for reliable digital infrastructure, and flexible workflows became apparent for business owners and team leaders. Also, if you did not realize the importance of top-notch talent in helping teams businesses bounce back, you haven’t been paying attention to market trends. According to McKinsey’s research, 24% of […]

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