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We create a hand-picked software engineering team in Ukraine for your rapid growth through innovations, inspiration, and well-coordinated teamwork

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Grow Your Team to Reach New Heights

Newxel is all about unique solutions tailored for the specific goals of your business. With your needs, demands, and aspirations in mind, we will build your offshore development team from scratch and make it an organic part of your company.

We not only hire dedicated programmers in Ukraine, we also select local professionals of the highest technical expertise, unite them into a close-knit crew of like-minded people, inflame them with your company values, and ultimately create a truly dedicated team with specific tech expertise that will fight for making perfect products as passionately as your in-house employees do.

We will hire a development team for you in the shortest possible time, as well as take over all the back-office and legal routine. Extend your company and set up a development team for your products and projects with us!

3 — 5 weeks
To set up your software development team from scratch in Ukraine.
The retention rate of the teams assembled by Newxel is higher than the average in the industry (78%).
Developers are successfully hired and keep working in client’s R&D offices on Newxel site.

What We Cover

Recruitment is Our Super Power

Newxel’s tech recruitment experts seek and hire the best developers in Ukraine within the shortest possible timeframe taking into account your expectations and specific needs. We provide advice and guidance on adapting the hiring process to our market in order to make it even more effective.

Office Space

Newxel creates comfortable office space with fully equipped workspaces, relaxation areas, kitchens, meeting rooms to ensure a comfortable working environment for your offshore developers. We provide utter facility management and office administration, taking into account all aspects of comfort, productivity, and security.

IT Infrastructure & Equipment

Newxel provides advanced IT infrastructure integration and management based on our clients' technical needs. It reduces security risks and guarantees stable & secure network access.

Finance & Legal

We cover finance & legal issues related to building and supporting your offshore team of skilled developers including bookkeeping, payroll, contracts, etc.

HR & Team Retention

People partner from Newxel’s side will surround your offshore development team with the ongoing support implementing best practices for employee retention and motivation. We always put people at the center of our business model and care for their well-being in both professional and personal lives. Our HR manager provides a unique combination of experience, flexible service models, and tailored solutions that respond to your company goals and develop positive business culture, improve team engagement and contribute to the achievement of results.

Account Management

Every day Newxel Account Managers support and cultivate relationships between you and your dedicated development team in Ukraine. Your unique contact person, who can handle even the most incredible requests, serving as a reliable bridge between the offshore development team and you. Stay confident — all your requirements are respected and fulfilled.

Build Your Team

3 Simple Steps to Build a Team

Tell Us Your Needs & Requirements
Above all, you should figure out what needs and tasks the programmers will solve, what skill set should a person have, and how many IT specialists you need. Share your business goals and expectations with Newxel — clear requests help us find the most dedicated developers for you.
Custom Proposal Formation
Our recruitment experts make a market assessment, share information regarding candidates' availability, and analyze how long it will take to hire the required developers and their salary expectations. We create a custom proposal in line with your budget that includes all information mentioned above, details of our cooperation model, and the cost of our services.
Kick-off Meeting & Legal Aspects
The last step is an online or offline meeting. It’s time to negotiate details of our long term partnership, discuss legal aspects, and sign an agreement. Soon you’ll be able to manage the project and offshore development team to reach innovative goals.

How it Works

Newxel’s tech recruitment experts know everything about choosing dedicated developers — they select the best candidates with a lighting speed. The entire tech evaluation of candidates is on you, and only you make the final hiring decision.
When a team of highly skilled programmers is set up, integrate them into your in-house team. Newxel’s Account Manager and HR Manager will make this integration smooth and comfortable. They also bring your culture & values to your offshore team, so they will be fully involved and feel like a part of your company.
Work and Grow
With Your Team
Now it’s time to manage your team: set clear goals, give tasks, and monitor the development process & results. Set up daily communication with your team, as this is a key aspect of being productive towards achieving your development goals. And when you feel like growing your team, just share it with us, we’ll be always there to help you expand the development department in Ukraine.
Newxel Ongoing Support

Our clients get much more than dedicated teams. They break free from technical problems and time-consuming processes like recruitment, administrating, legal & finance issues. So, focus on the development process and team management to boost your business!


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