Cybersecurity With Dedicated Teams

Security When Working With Dedicated Teams: Tips to Protect Data When Going Offshore

Security concerns are a reason why company managers grow wary of hiring remote teams. There are numerous claims that vendor collaborations are not reliable and might be the end of your data protection. In this post, we’ll find out whether there’s a case to back up the fear and discuss a secure way to hire offshore talent. Worrying About Outsourcing Security? You Are Not Wrong […]

Agile transformation

Exciting Journey to Agile. Interview With Agile Coach Artem Bykovets

We've conducted an interview with the Agile coach to find out the critical aspects of Agile development and ways to integrate it into your company. Before rolling out the Agile methods in your company, It's important to understand that Agile is more about a philosophy, mindset, and culture rather than a set of practical procedural steps. More specifically, Agile is based on a set of 4 values and 12 principles.

Newxel’s High Level of Talent Support & Professionalism Earns Them a Prominent Place at GoodFirms

Newxel has made it to the list of GoodFirms for offering exceptional tech talent services to empower businesses from all over the globe. Their effort to connect companies with the right talent has earned them a spot as the best IT services companies in Kyiv at GoodFirms.

How to Hire a Front-end Developer

The world has been developing very dynamically and unpredictably during the recent decade, and 2020 has shown this, like probably no year before! And while it is hardly possible to make any solid forecasts for the next decenia, it is clear that business models should be flexible and dynamic in order to correspond to the current challenges. While it is yet unclear what 2021 will […]

hire game developers in Ukraine

Things to Know Before Starting Your Own Game Studio Offshore

Are you considering opening a game studio in Ukraine? Here is all you need to know on how to find game developers and how much it cost to open your own studio in a foreign country.

How to Outsource Mobile Game Development, Not to Waste Budget & Protect Data?

Custom game development is a common practice in the gaming industry, as evidenced by outsourcing. Developing games can be quite costly, but it becomes affordable when a business outsources its gaming project. Besides, outsourcing mobile game development presents various benefits, including a broad range of alternatives.

Why Remote Development is the Best Option Now Than Ever Before?

The tendency for remote web development workforce will keep growing, and company owners or managers have to pay closer attention to it. Here is why a remote international workplace group will be a perfect solution for a business in the current situation.

Ukraine IT Outsourcing Rates for Software Development

In the period between 2020 and 2025 worldwide, tech outsourcing is estimated to grow by just over 19%, expecting a figure of 397.6 billion US dollars by 2025. The outsourcing model has long-proven itself as a great balance of cost, impact, and quality for many businesses. Therefore, with the current tendencies to collaborate internationally, expansion is forthcoming. Stay tuned to find out about the advantages of hiring tech […]

Top 12 Mobile App Dev Trends for 2020/2021

Civilization around us is gradually turning into a composite mobile application. With clicks, we manage gadgets, businesses, information, and, ultimately, reality around us. Do you want to have your say in the modern world? Show me your app!

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