Why Hire Software Development Teams In Portugal

Portugal is fast becoming a popular destination for hiring excellent software development teams due to its strong talent pool, competitive prices, and supportive business environment. The country’s software market is expected to reach nearly $968 million by 2028, with IT contributing about 10% to its GDP or roughly $20 billion. These impressive figures explain why more companies look to Portugal for tech talent.

software development teams in Portugal

In this article, we’ll explore more reasons why Portuguese developers are highly regarded in the global IT industry. Continue reading.

The Portuguese IT Market: An Overview

Portugal has a strong IT community with over 95,000 experts and 10,000+ software companies. This solidifies its position as a top choice globally for outsourcing software development. With a 33 ranking for tech readiness, it’s no surprise that big players like Google, Bosch, and Amazon are setting up shop here.

Portugal’s robust education system is a significant driver behind its dynamic developer community. The country’s universities offer diverse computer science and engineering programs, preparing students for tech careers. Likewise, initiatives like “Portugal’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (CPED)” aim to boost digital skills and job opportunities.

Portugal produces over 90,000 STEM graduates yearly, adding to its talent pool. This continuous influx of new talent and ongoing upskilling initiatives among existing professionals drive growth and vitality within the Portuguese IT industry.

Technology Stack and Expertise

Regarding technical expertise, Portuguese developers are versatile in a wide range of tech stacks. About 52% of all developers in the country are experts in full-stack, back-end, and front-end development. This balanced mix showcases their versatility and expertise across different software domains.

They’re fluent in relevant programming languages, too. Portuguese developers’ top picks include Python, PHP, React, Vue.js, and Golang echoing global web and data-driven app development trends. Python’s flexibility and readability particularly stand out, reflecting Portugal’s embrace of cutting-edge tech and industry standards.

With such a robust skill set, Portuguese developers are prime candidates for offshore software projects, from responsive web apps to backend systems and data-driven solutions. Their experience and familiarity with remote work enable them to collaborate across borders and deliver top-notch results seamlessly.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Portuguese Developers

Like everywhere else, developers in Portugal come with their share of strengths and weaknesses. Let’s analyze them here.


Balanced Developer Demographics

Portuguese developers have an outstanding balance of experience levels. They have near-equal juniors, middles, and seniors in their workforce. This balance helps create a collaborative vibe where seasoned developers can mentor newer ones, sharing knowledge and skills. Plus, it sets the stage for agile teams, where different viewpoints and expertise lead to creative problem-solving and smooth project completion.

level of experience of Portuguese developers

High English Proficiency

Portugal ranks 8th for English proficiency globally. Engineers can easily communicate and work with clients and partners from most countries without language issues. Good communication is crucial for project success, and the Portuguese strong English skills help them express ideas clearly, discuss needs, and accurately handle concerns.

Rich Tech Stack Knowledge

Portuguese developers are skilled in various technology stacks, covering various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. They excel in using popular technologies like Python, PHP, React, Vue.js, and Golang. This broad knowledge equips them to handle different software tasks, from building frontend websites to designing backend systems and analyzing data, with proficiency and expertise.


Potential Language Barriers for International Clients

Portuguese developers generally have good English skills. But, when working with clients from non-English-speaking countries, there could still be communication hiccups. Even with English-speaking clients, differences in communication styles, cultural nuances, or accents might cause occasional misunderstandings.

To tackle this, it’s vital to establish clear communication methods, listen actively, and be culturally aware in offshore collaborations. These steps help minimize confusion and ensure smooth project execution.

Features of Portuguese Developers

So, what should you expect when you hire software development teams in Portugal? Below are some of the known cultural features of workers in this country.

features of portuguese developers

Traditional, Conservative and Formal

The typical Portuguese is known for being traditional, conservative, and formal, which affects how they interact at work. Respect for authority and hierarchy is important, and using titles and being polite to colleagues is common. While being late is not a big deal, sticking to schedules shows discipline and professionalism.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

Developers in Portugal prioritize work-life balance. Unlike some cultures where long hours are expected, they value personal time alongside work commitments. This helps them stay satisfied with their jobs, be more productive, and stick around longer.

Communication Styles And Teamwork

Regarding communication, Portuguese developers prefer being direct and clear while still keeping things formal. They’re open to discussions and feedback, aiming for agreement to move projects forward. Teamwork is key, focusing on collaboration and support to reach goals.

Relaxed And Flexible Work Culture

Portugal’s work culture is relaxed and flexible, ideal for remote work setups. This flexibility allows developers to adjust schedules for personal needs, fostering autonomy and trust within teams. This remote work capability also makes Portugal attractive for software development outsourcing.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development in Portugal

Now, let’s explore the benefits of software development Portugal.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development in Portugal

Diverse Talent Pool with Specialized Skills

Portugal provides access to a diverse talent pool for those seeking software development expertise. The country produces highly capable professionals proficient in various technical fields, ranging from front-end to back-end development and DevOps, and advanced technologies such as AI, computing, and open data. With such a broad skill set, Portuguese developers are well-prepared to tackle even the most intricate software projects.

Greater Scalability

Outsourcing software development to Portugal helps companies speed up their time-to-market. By tapping into Portugal’s talented workforce, companies can finish projects faster and more effectively. With access to skilled professionals, they can quickly expand their development efforts, meet market demands, and grow their operations to adapt to changing business requirements.

Compatible Timezones

Portugal’s proximity to major European capitals like London, Paris, and Berlin makes it great for offshore software development. Being nearby makes communication and collaboration easy with clients and stakeholders across Europe. This closeness reduces logistical issues, speeds up processes, and boosts project efficiency, ensuring timely software solutions are delivered.

Political Stability

Portugal ranked 7th in the 2023 Global Peace Index for political stability and safety. It is a safe and secure environment for businesses. Companies can entrust their IT tasks to experts in the country with peace of mind not worrying about political or security issues.

Enhance Innovation with Multicultural Teams

Bringing aboard software development teams from Portugal, especially when augmenting an in-house team, cultivates a diverse work environment that sparks innovation and creativity. Companies tap into varied perspectives and problem-solving methods by uniting developers from different backgrounds. This cultural blend frequently fuels greater innovation and productivity as team members contribute their distinct skills and insights.

Regulatory and Legal Benefits

Portugal has strict rules and laws for the IT niche. They take data protection seriously, keeping sensitive info safe. Plus, the country has solid intellectual property laws that protect IP rights. All this makes Portugal a top spot to outsource software development — in peace of mind.

Cost-Effectiveness with Maintained Quality

Software development in Portugal offers great value without sacrificing quality. With competitive rates, expert professionals, and effective project management, businesses can meet their goals without overspending and still get excellent software solutions. Portugal’s robust IT infrastructure and support services further enhance this cost-effectiveness.

Government Support

The Portuguese government actively backs the IT sector’s expansion through initiatives, incentives, and investment options. Whether funding for research, support for startups, or fostering innovation hubs, governmental support boosts the competitiveness and longevity of Portugal’s IT industry, benefiting businesses involved in offshore software development.


Newxel can help you hire the best talents in Portugal for your dev project. Get in touch.

Developer Rates in Portugal

So, how much should you expect to pay when you hire a software engineer from Portugal? Here are some estimates.

average salaries of developers in Portugal

Software developer salary ranges may vary based on experience, skills, location, and company size.

  • Experience. More experience generally means higher pay. Senior developers with proven track records and leadership skills can often negotiate better salaries.
  • Skills and Specializations. In-demand skills or specialization in niche areas, like blockchain or AI, can attract higher pay.
  • Location. Salaries vary by location. Tech hubs like Lisbon or Porto usually offer higher salaries due to demand and cost of living.
  • Company/ Project Size. Big clients/ projects often pay more. Some may even offer bonuses and benefits for faster turnaround time.
  • Education and Certifications. Advanced degrees and certifications can increase salaries, and ongoing learning can boost earning potential.
  • Market Demand and Economy. Tech demand affects salaries. High demand raises pay, while economic shifts may change compensation.

Outsourcing IT tasks to Portugal taps into a bigger talent pool, helping fill local skill gaps. But let’s not forget about the cost benefits. For example, UK Front-end developers earn around $70,002 and Back-end developers $73,293.

Portugal’s skilled workforce and business-friendly setting allow companies to save significantly without sacrificing quality, making outsourcing software projects a great choice.

How Newxel Can Help Hire Developers from Portugal

Hiring IT talent like software developers in a foreign country can be tough. Scaling legal, regulatory, and cultural hurdles can take ages if not appropriately managed. But here at Newxel, we can help streamline things.

Newxel is an IT staffing and global R&D company that assembles top-notch software developer teams tailored to your needs from Portugal. Whether you require a dedicated team, staff augmentation, or want to set up an IT office in Portugal, we’ve got the expertise to make it happen.

We handle everything from recruitment to team formation and deal with administrative and legal matters, ensuring a smooth setup. Plus, we can get your team up and running in 3 to 5 weeks.

Rest assured, we only hire from the top talents in Portugal, so quality is never an issue. And even though we are here to care of the details, you are in full control of your project.

At Newxel, we can help you confidently navigate the complexities of leveraging offshore software development in Portugal while you focus on your core functions.

Contact us to get started!


Choosing to use the offshore software development team Portugal approach has many advantages. This southern European country offers the perfect combination of expertise, cultural fit, and time zone convenience, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their development while maintaining efficiency.

To make the most of this approach, team up with Newxel and gain access to top talent and effective project management. This will result in more innovation, faster project completion, and enhanced competitiveness in today’s fast-paced market.


What Projects Are Suitable for Offshore Development in Portugal?
Portuguese IT teams can tackle a wide range of projects for various industries. Their expertise usually covers games, software, web and mobile app projects, IT consulting, and more.
What Measures Are In Place To Ensure Data Security?
Portugal prioritizes data security and confidentiality. Offshore vendors employ strict access controls, encryption protocols, and regular security audits to keep sensitive information safe throughout the SDLC, including complying with international data protection regulations like GDPR.
How Does Newxel Guarantee Developer Quality From Portugal?
Newxel ensures quality teams from Portugal through rigorous screening processes, including technical assessments, interviews, and portfolio evaluations. We only select highly skilled professionals with relevant experience and expertise in the required technologies. Plus, we leverage ongoing performance evaluations and feedback mechanisms to maintain high-quality standards.
Can Offshore Teams in Portugal Work in My Company’s Time Zone?
Yes, offshore teams in Portugal can accommodate various time zones. Portugal's time zone allows for overlapping working hours with many countries, especially European countries. Where there are no overlaps, flexible scheduling and communication tools can facilitate collaboration, ensuring effective teamwork and project progress.
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