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Game development studio

How to Start a Game Development Studio

The mainstream media, including TV and Film, always paint video gamers as the minority of new tech consumers. But in contrast to this, Newzoo estimates that more than 2.69 billion global internet users played video games in 2020. At the same time, revenues in the game industry soared to $159.3 billion, with half of the market earnings emanating from the Asia-Pacific region. These statistics show […]

what is team leasing in IT

Team Leasing in IT: Pluses and Minuses, Alternatives, Challenges

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented increase in the demand for IT engineers and software developers globally. The IT industry is constantly evolving and this has led to a shortage of skilled IT talents to handle the increasing workload. In fact, according to a CNBC News report from 2019, there are almost 1 million unfilled IT positions in the USA alone. This means […]

Offshore Development Center

What is Offshore Development Center (ODC): All Benefits and Possible Risks

To keep up with the constantly increasing global IT talent shortage, most companies including large giant tech businesses like Google are turning to outsourcing and outstaffing. According to Statista data, the worldwide outsourcing industry reached 92.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, with Offshore Development Center (ODC) services accounting for a significant portion of that total. It was also discovered that over 80% of the world’s […]

IT Outsourcing in Ukraine

IT Outsourcing in Ukraine: Country Overview, Risks, and Opportunities

Today, a lot of globally recognized companies are outsourcing their IT needs to software development companies in Ukraine. At present, tech giants like Magento, Google, and Huawei already have their own  offshore R&D centers in Ukraine. According to IT Ukraine Association, the country’s  IT exports exceeded $5 billion in 2020 alone, showing a 20.44% increment from the previous year: Ukraine software outsourcing is providing a […]

Game development in Ukraine

7 Reasons Why Leading Game Development Companies Offshore in Ukraine

Over the past two decades, Ukraine has risen to be one of the most popular offshoring destinations. Thanks to its vast pool of tech experts, western companies can leverage high-quality software development projects at a fraction of the ‘normal’ costs. Offshoring software development to Ukraine, particularly game development as a service is a growing common practice. To ensure quality software products without breaking the bank, […]

Dedicated team vs R&D center

Dedicated Development Team vs. Offshore R&D Center Models: Commons, Differences, Use Cases

In 2021, outsourcing or outstaffing are no longer buzzwords. They have become reliable and widespread operating models that, by 2027, are predicted to reach over $936 billion in market value. Business owners who consider expanding tech teams by hiring talents abroad can be confused by different ways to manage programmers in another country — outstaffing, outsourcing, nearshoring, offshore development center model, etc. In this post, […]

Part 5: Grow Your Development Team Offshore

Shortly after building your software engineering team abroad, you may realize that you want to expand it. At some point, it makes sense to open an offshore R&D center that will function as your representative office. But before you expand your team, you need to make sure that you have properly integrated it into your existing processes. So let’s see. Experience shows that communicating with […]

how to choose an offshore partner

Part 2: How to Find a Reliable Offshore Software Development Partner

According to Statista, Ukraine is among the leading countries in offshore business services. It ranks this high thanks to being financially sensible, having necessary and readily available people skills, and a favorable business environment. Besides, compared to other destinations, the country scores well on digital resonance. Source: Statista Meanwhile, for any company or startup in the USA, Israel, Europe finding an offshore software development in Ukraine remains […]

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