NFT Development expert

NFT Developers for Hire: How to Allocate the Best Experts

Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, have been dominating Web3 debates for a while now. Typically, NFTs are on-chain digital collectibles that are immutable and irreplaceable, with a uniquely identifiable ID. It is this uniqueness that gives NFTs an intrinsic value that can only be compared to that of traditional rare art pieces. Although the buzz around this technology has been around for a while, […]

mobile application

How to Build a Mobile App Development Team: Structure & Roles Needed for Success

The mobile app development industry will likely reach the trillion-dollar mark by the end of 2023, given that nearly half of small businesses have dedicated digital platforms to connect with customers. Businesses that want to save costs, access wider talent pools, and exchange innovative ideas, often turn to a dedicated team, instead of hiring in-house developers. However, working with an external team can be pretty daunting […]

mobile app development in europe

6 Reasons Why It’s Better to Choose Mobile App Development Services in Europe? [Central and Eastern]

The use of mobile applications is becoming a core business function, given that a majority of customers are online. However, building a neatly packed application for mobile use, whether business or personal would mean going for custom development services. Companies looking to streamline their digital plans and gain a competitive edge in terms of innovation always resort to hiring app developers in Europe, given that […]

web development team

A Complete Guide to Hiring a Web Development Team

Web development started as a simple tool or technology for building plain pages meant to ease complex processes in the financial sector. Users had to manually type each block into their computer system to generate dull and fragile structures for data representation. Today, website building and programming are done to create complex web applications that can be accessed from PCs and smartphones. We are witnessing […]

hire it contractor

How to Successfully Hire IT Contractors Without Wasting Extra Time

The number of permanent employees is significantly reducing across many organizations, especially in the IT industry. Today,  56% of the global workforce prefers working on a freelance basis to manage their own schedule. 11.7% of the global workforce thinks that independent contracting doesn’t limit them to a fixed income. In other words, this mode of employee-employer collaboration is gaining traction. That aside, hiring IT contractors […]

hire big data developer

How to Hire a Big Data Developer Successfully

Data is the new gold when it comes to day-to-day business operations, such as marketing, conducting product research, or even making periodical projections. Moreover, data interactions have increased by  nearly 5,000% over the last 12 years. For this reason, 91% of organizations are channeling significant investments towards AI and big data. Big data is beneficial to organizations in many ways. For instance, Netflix leverages technologies […]

IT recruitment in poland

IT Recruitment in Poland: How to Speed Up This Process With the Newxel Team

According to SHRM, the average time to fill a position is 36 days. Unfortunately, this period when posts sit unfilled can have devastating effects on an organization. A business is likely to experience decreased productivity, employee stress, high turnovers, and increased overtime costs. In this case, speeding up the recruitment process is a surefire way to find quality hires fast and maintain high productivity levels. […]

tech recruitment

Recruiting Tech Talents in Competitive Areas: Best Practices For 2022 and Beyond

According to Statista, a shortage in tech talent is holding back 54% of organizations worldwide. This gap, coupled with the accelerated digitization we have witnessed over the years, has made recruiting tech professionals a tough nut for HR managers to crack. And since this is a problem with no solution in sight, the importance of preparing well in advance cannot be over-emphasized. In this article, […]

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment

Explanation of the Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Many people in the corporate world do not realize there is a difference between talent acquisition and recruitment. So, it is not uncommon for them to use these words synonymously. But, as much as they are all strategies used to bring in new employees, the hiring methodologies leveraged in both differ. This article focuses on everything you need to know about recruitment vs. talent acquisition, […]

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