the rise of specialized skill sets in 2024

IT Staff Augmentation and the Rise of Specialized Skill Sets in 2024

The fast pace of digital transformation has triggered a high need for niche IT talent. Skills like data science, cloud computing, machine learning, and blockchain technology are being sought after — though finding these experts can be difficult. According to studies, 75% of employers struggle to recruit skilled workers, with 76% facing difficulties in the IT sector alone. However, to address this challenge, organizations must […]

Attracting Top IT Talent

Top Strategies for Attracting Top IT Talent in a Competitive Market

The tech industry is facing a significant talent shortage, leading to intense competition for skilled professionals. According to a recent Statista report, 54% of business leaders in 2023 reported a major lack of IT talent. As this shortage worsens, companies must come up with effective ways to address their skill gaps. This article shares top strategies to help you achieve this. We’ll cover everything from […]

Custom Software Developers Vs. Bench Developers

Custom Software Developers Vs. Bench Developers

The demand for skilled developers has been rising sharply. In the USA, for example, this demand is set to rise by 25% by 2032, showing just how much technology is growing in every industry around the world. However, when it comes to hiring, businesses are facing a big question — should they hire custom developers who can tailor their skills to specific projects, or rely […]

Company culture

Cultivating Company Culture: The Secret Sauce of Successful Israeli Tech Startups

Israel is a global technology leader, ranking third worldwide in the number of active startups. It has attracted more than $95 billion in investment capital over the past six years, thanks to standout companies like Wix, Waze, and Elementor. These companies have not only contributed to Israel’s prominence in the tech sector but also share a common foundation that underpins their success: a strong emphasis […]

critical soft skills

Critical Soft Skills For Software Developers To Check on An Interview

Recent research shows that over the last two years, 77% of job listings in the USA required candidates to have at least one ‘durable skill’. Often referred to as ‘soft skills’, these include social abilities like creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and teamwork. Such skills are valued by employers as they enable employees to interact effectively with others. They play a vital role in our capacity […]

AI in recruitment

The Use of AI and Automation for Recruitment

The recruitment landscape is evolving. According to a recent Garnet study, 76% of HR leaders believe that adopting artificial intelligence like generative AI is essential for staying ahead. AI and automation are transforming traditional hiring by making the process more efficient and seamless. They are enabling organizations to complete recruitment tasks faster and more easily. For you to capitalize on this trend, we’ll outline how […]

tech recruitment

Headhunting in Tech Recruitment

The field of tech recruitment is facing a significant challenge, as more than 54% of companies need more technical skills. This has led to a shift towards headhunting as a key recruitment strategy. Headhunting is rising in prominence due to the rapid introduction of new technologies, quick changes in skill requirements, and the scarcity of highly specialized professionals. However, to effectively leverage headhunting, organizations must […]

Features of Hiring Cybersecurity Specialists

The growing sophistication of hackers and scarcity of cybersecurity specialists have led to more data breaches and financial losses for businesses. The figures are telling: in 2022 alone, organizations worldwide detected a staggering 493.33 million ransomware attacks. This situation underscores the urgent need for top cybersecurity talent. As technology evolves and organizations rely heavily on digital systems, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring smooth operations have […]

embedded development team

How to Hire Embedded Software Engineers for Your Development

Embedded systems front-run traditional computers in many ways. If you’re looking for fast performance or optimized operating costs, an embedded engineer for hire will build you a system that delivers that. Typically, an embedded system is built with several non-functional requirements in mind, such as memory capacity and execution time to enable it to perform a single task faster and more efficiently. And since the […]

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