Global Demand for Embedded Developers: Facts and Figures

Despite drastic layoffs that hit the tech world in recent years, there are still some industries with a considerable talent gap. The embedded systems is a prime example. Let’s dive deep into details and statistics.

This white paper addresses the paradox of the persistent talent gap in the embedded systems sector amidst widespread layoffs in the IT industry.

Despite significant job cuts — 262,682 in 2023 and 42,324 in early 2024 — the demand for embedded developers remains high, with 130,000 unique job postings recorded in just three months.

The United States leads in hiring, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany. Companies across various sectors, including product and service industries, are actively seeking embedded systems expertise.

In the document you will find insights and highlights about:

  • The geographical distribution of job postings
  • Top hiring companies
  • Sought-after positions and skills

This white paper also emphasizes the critical need for specialized recruitment strategies to address the talent shortage in embedded systems development.

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