Hire software developers in Poland: for what tech stacks and expertise you should go to this country

Poland is emerging as a key hub for software development in Eastern Europe. According to Statista, it has the highest number of developers in the CEE region, with over 400,000 specialists. The industry is booming, too, with a projected market size of US$2.82 billion by 2028.

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With these impressive figures, it’s clear why businesses are increasingly turning to Poland for top-notch software talent. Imagine the potential of harnessing the expertise of these experts in your next software project.

Read on as we explore the type of developers you can hire here. We’ll examine their technical expertise, highlight their key strengths, and explain what sets them apart in the global tech scene.

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Polish Developers: High-Level Market Overview

Poland boasts a thriving landscape with around 401,000 developers and up to 50,000 companies offering software services.

The country also ranks 27th out of 166 in readiness for frontier technologies. These factors, along with quick access to a skilled talent pool, strong infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment, make Poland a top outsourcing destination for many, with big names like Microsoft, IBM, Google, Oracle, and ABB establishing R&D centers here.

Poland’s vibrant developer community owes much to its robust education system. The country hosts 86,000 IT students, with 11,000 IT professionals graduating annually. Moreover, Poland joins countries like Ireland, Finland, and Germany as EU nations, producing the highest number of young graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) domains. This steady influx of fresh talent, coupled with upskilling among existing professionals, fuels growth and innovation in Poland’s IT sector.

Polish Tech Specialists’ Expertise, Strengths

Poland’s tech industry is known for its diverse and highly skilled workforce, producing top-tier professionals across various specializations. Let’s explore the technical strengths of Polish tech experts and the programming languages they excel in in this section.

polish tech demographic

Tech Demographic

Polish software engineers specialize in many areas of software development. Here’s a breakdown of their numbers in different specialties.

  1. Programmers. In Poland, the IT landscape is dominated by programmers, at a significant 50.4%. This high percentage underscores the country’s strong focus on software development, showcasing a diverse range of skills among developers, spanning from web and mobile development to enterprise software solutions.
  2. Testers / QA. These quality control experts constitute about 14.7% of tech professionals in Poland. Their numbers highlight the critical emphasis placed on delivering top-notch software with unwavering quality assurance through meticulous testing procedures.
  3. IT Administrators / DevOps. IT administrators and DevOps engineers represent 9.6% of the tech industry, demonstrating Poland’s adeptness in handling and expanding intricate IT infrastructures. These professionals are vital for managing systems, streamlining deployments, and ensuring operational stability.
  4. UX / UI Designers. Despite the small numbers at 2.0%, UX and UI designers hold significant importance in the tech workforce. These people are instrumental in crafting user-friendly interfaces that captivate users with intuitive designs. Polish designers are recognized for their innovative flair and user-focused strategies that contribute to creating compelling digital products.

Source: BullDogJob

Programming Language Expertise

In Poland, developers exhibit remarkable proficiency across various programming languages, showcasing their adaptability and capability to take on diverse projects. Here’s a closer look at the most popular languages among these specialists.

top software development languages

  • JavaScript. JavaScript, essential for building dynamic and interactive web applications, is very popular among Polish devs at 49.4%. Its popularity ensures a strong foundation for front-end development.
  • Java. Java, a key language for building scalable and high-performance software solutions, is popular among 30% of Polish devs. Despite its age, it remains a key language for enterprise applications.
  • Python. Known for its versatility and readability, Python is popular among 25.5% of developers, particularly in the AI and big data sectors. Python’s 95% popularity among AI professionals underscores its significance in Poland’s burgeoning AI sector.
  • C#. Commonly used in game development and enterprise software, 22.6% of Polish devs are skilled in C#. This enables them to contribute effectively to various types of software projects, including those using the .NET framework.
  • PHP. PHP remains an important language for server-side scripting and web development, with 15.3% of Polish dev teams proficient in it. Their skills in PHP support the creation of dynamic websites and applications.
  • C++. C++ is favored for its performance and efficiency, particularly in system/software development and game programming. 9.0% of Polish software engineers are proficient in C++, making their expertise valuable for projects requiring high computational performance.
  • Kotlin. With the rise of Android app development, Kotlin has gained popularity, and 7.1% of Polish devs are skilled in it. They use Kotlin to build modern, efficient mobile applications.
  • Go. Known for its simplicity and efficiency, Go is increasingly used for backend systems and cloud services. 5.2% of Polish programmers are proficient in Go, reflecting their adaptability to new and efficient programming paradigms.
  • C. As a foundational programming language, C is still important for system-level programming. 5.0% of Polish coders are skilled in C, highlighting their solid grounding in computer science fundamentals.
  • Swift. Despite being a small segment, 2.2% of Polish devs are proficient in Swift, playing a pivotal role in iOS app development and ensuring high-quality, performant mobile applications.
  • HTML/CSS. Complementing JavaScript, 40.8% of Polish devs are skilled in HTML and CSS. These languages are fundamental for structuring and styling web pages, making them indispensable for web development.
  • TypeScript. TypeScript’s enhanced features for large-scale applications have made it a favored choice among 39.0% of Polish software talents, particularly for projects requiring robust and maintainable code.
  • SQL. SQL expertise is critical for database management, and 37.2% of Polish IT teams are adept at handling data operations efficiently, which is crucial for backend development.

This programming language expertise gives Polish software engineers the skillset to work across a wide range of specializations. However, among the most sought-after IT professionals in Poland are full-stack engineers. Their ability to handle both front-end and back-end development makes them incredibly versatile. This comprehensive skill set streamlines development processes, making Full Stack engineers invaluable assets in a tech-driven economy.

Source: BullDogJob

Strengths of Polish Developers

So, what makes Polish IT talents stand out? Here, we consider the strengths and features you can expect when you hire Polish programmers/ developers.

Strong Work Ethic

Polish developers are dedicated, committed, and reliable. They consistently deliver top-notch work within deadlines and budget constraints while maintaining exceptional quality. This robust work ethic ingrained in Polish culture plays a pivotal role in the success of software projects.

Stable Economy

Poland’s stable economy further enhances the appeal of its developers. With a consistent GDP growth rate, low unemployment figures, and 6th largest economy in Europe, Poland sets the stage for a dependable work environment, alleviating uncertainties for software professionals.

Abundant IT Graduates

Poland churns out a significant number of IT graduates each year – at least 86,000 as per official records. This ensures a constant influx of skilled experts to cater to the growing demands in the industry. Companies seeking to outsource software projects can effortlessly find the talent pool they require.

High English Proficiency

Polish programmers are also quite good in the English language, ranking 13th on the EF English Proficiency Index. This high degree of expertise is essential for effective collaboration. It allows seamless interactions with customers and stakeholders throughout the world.

Gender Diversity

Gender diversity thrives in Poland with women representing 63% of IT specialists according to recent statistics. This diverse landscape nurtures an array of viewpoints and concepts, paving the way for innovative solutions and an inclusive workplace that ultimately boosts productivity and success in projects.

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Software Development Industry Specialization

One great thing about hiring software developers from Poland is their versatility across different industries. They’re skilled at crafting custom software solutions tailored to both businesses and users. Some of the industries they specialize in are:

Finance/ Banking

Poland’s developers excel in the finance and banking sector, fueled by the country’s fast growing fintech market. Between 2018 and 2022, the number of fintech companies in Poland increased to 299 from 167. These companies span 15 sectors, with nearly half focusing on payments, financial management, and software delivery. This focus on software delivery has given Polish developers extensive experience in creating complex financial software, managing transaction systems, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Cybersecurity is another field where Polish software developers stand out. Poland’s focus on cybersecurity education, combined with the growing global need for secure software, has driven this expertise. Polish developers excel in creating secure applications, conducting vulnerability assessments, and implementing strong encryption methods. This expertise is reflected in Poland’s 6th place ranking in the Global Cybersecurity Ranking by MIT Technology Review.


Polish developers excel in creating cutting-edge educational technologies, such as e-learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and educational games. Their expertise, honed through significant contributions to Poland’s EdTech sector, is exemplified by successes like Brainly, LiveKid, and HCM Deck. This background equips them to enhance digital learning experiences and streamline administrative processes in educational institutions.


Poland boasts a robust automotive industry, particularly in automotive software development. Key areas of focus include autonomous driving systems, vehicle diagnostics, and infotainment systems.

As one of Europe’s top 10 largest automobile producers, with a production volume of 451,000 units in 2022, Poland significantly supports the software needs of the industry. This high production level provides developers with valuable experience, enabling them to serve clients globally.


Poland aimed to reach 21% of energy from renewable sources by 2030. Surprisingly, the country achieved 27% in 2023, indicating faster progress than expected. This early success signals positive momentum and sets the stage for Poland to pursue even more ambitious renewable energy goals. It also highlights significant advancements by Polish developers in areas such as renewable energy management, smart grid technology, and energy efficiency solutions. Such expertise could benefit industry clients globally.

Developer Rates in Poland

The primary reason for outsourcing software development to Poland is to bridge the internal skills gap and gain access to a wider talent pool. However, businesses can also enjoy significant cost savings. Here’s what a typical Polish software engineer earns per year.

developer rates in poland


For context, let’s compare Poland software developer salary with the United States.

developer rates in poland

Source: Arc.Dev

This comparison shows that outsourcing software projects to Poland can yield significant cost savings without compromising quality. It’s a smart choice for companies.

Newxel Can Help Hire Devs In Poland

Hiring international developers offers immense benefits but presents numerous challenges, from legal complexities to administrative tasks. Thankfully, Newxel is here to simplify the process.

Whether you’re looking to hire a full-stack developer, assemble IT augmentation teams, or establish dedicated development teams in Poland, Newxel, as your trusted IT staffing partner, can streamline your entire process.

We don’t just hire software developers in Poland, we handle recruitment, team formation, and all administrative and legal matters, ensuring a smooth setup process. With our efficient approach, your team can be ready to go in just 3 to 5 weeks, helping you scale up quickly and meet those project deadlines.

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Poland’s robust IT landscape, thriving economy, government support, and skilled workforce make hiring software developers there a big win for businesses looking to bridge internal skills gaps and access top-tier talent for their development projects. Remember, however, working with the right staffing partner, like Newxel, is a key ingredient for success.


Where can I find Polish software developers?
There are quite a few ways to go about this. Start by checking out online job platforms, professional networking sites, or IT-focused recruitment agencies. Attending tech events and conferences in Poland is also a great way to meet talented developers. But for a smoother process without legal and regulatory hurdles, consider partnering with trusted software developer recruiters in Poland.
What are the top programming languages in Poland?
SQL, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, PHP, Python, TypeScript, C, and Kotlin are among the favorite languages Polish developers use. Keep in mind, preferences can vary depending on industries and trends.
How can I avoid pitfalls when hiring developers in Poland?
To avoid pitfalls when hiring developers in Poland, thoroughly vet candidates, be crystal clear about your project needs, keep communication open, and establish clear agreements. More importantly, consider teaming up with respected staffing agencies like Newxel, who specialize in developer recruitment.
Can Newxel guarantee the quality of developers from Poland?
Absolutely! Newxel strives to maintain high standards in developer quality and can provide assurances through thorough screening processes, assessments, and matching candidates to your specific project needs. However, it's advisable to discuss any specific quality guarantees directly with us so we can tailor things for you.
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