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leveraging offshore software development

Why Businesses Leverage Offshore Software Development

Software development, whether crafting enterprise solutions or creating apps for everyday users, requires specialized skills, speedy time-to-market, and cost optimization. Unfortunately, not many businesses can achieve these on their own. This is where offshore software development comes in. Statista predicts that by 2029, the global market for this service will hit US$124 billion, showcasing its extensive adoption. Leading the charge are industry giants like Google, […]

hire polish programmers

Hire software developers in Poland: for what tech stacks and expertise you should go to this country

Poland is emerging as a key hub for software development in Eastern Europe. According to Statista, it has the highest number of developers in the CEE region, with over 400,000 specialists. The industry is booming, too, with a projected market size of US$2.82 billion by 2028. With these impressive figures, it’s clear why businesses are increasingly turning to Poland for top-notch software talent. Imagine the […]

software development teams in Portugal

Why Hire Software Development Teams In Portugal

Portugal is fast becoming a popular destination for hiring excellent software development teams due to its strong talent pool, competitive prices, and supportive business environment. The country’s software market is expected to reach nearly $968 million by 2028, with IT contributing about 10% to its GDP or roughly $20 billion. These impressive figures explain why more companies look to Portugal for tech talent. In this […]

remote team

How To Boost Productivity in a Remote Development Team: Best Practices

The employment sector has undergone a massive revolution over the last few years. This is because of the rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements as preferred modes of employment. Remote work offers staff the freedom to work from locations of their choice. However, while flexible and convenient, this work model has challenges that may reduce remote team productivity. A survey in the US and […]

Offshore development services explained

What You Are Paying for When Choosing Offshore Development Services with Newxel

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech-driven business solutions, lots of companies choose in favor of partnering with remote development teams via reliable partners, rather than hiring specialists in-house. If you’re one of them, you pay the monthly fixed fee for the services that come alongside the talent acquisition. So let’s figure out what services you have to get. This article delves into the comprehensive array […]

Israel outsource to Ukraine

Why Israeli Companies Choose Ukraine For Offshore Development

Israel’s nickname as the “Startup Nation” is well-earned, thanks to its vibrant tech scene that includes around 9,000 startups, the third-highest concentration globally. In recent years, these enterprises have driven the economy by injecting $95 billion through venture capital. However, despite these successes, the country is grappling with a significant challenge: a severe shortage of skilled tech workers. Many Israeli tech companies are looking beyond […]

it staffing terms

Newxel’s Dictionary: Terms Explained

Remote team collaboration is now common, with around 37% of small businesses outsourcing tasks to save money and boost skills. However, many people still need to understand how it works. In this blog, we’ll unravel the complexities surrounding different forms of remote engagement in the IT sector by explaining common terms. This will help you understand the approach that best suits your needs. Let’s get […]

Costing the Coffee: Uncovering the Hidden Costs of In-office Development Teams vs. Offshore Development

For a long time, in-office work has been a staple for tech companies, facilitating direct interaction among employees. However, this approach comes with a hefty price tag for management to ensure everything operates smoothly. From providing coffee to essential back-office services, the cumulative expenses necessary to support an in-house team are significant. Sarah, a 43-year-old CEO of an IT firm in Seattle, has come to […]

offshore development myth

Mythbusters: Debunking the Top 8 Misconceptions about Offshore Development

Did you know? The software development sector is witnessing transformative changes. An astounding 80% of the world’s top 500 companies have embraced offshore development, seamlessly integrating these teams into their software operations. This strategic decision not only offers cost savings and scalability but also grants access to a diverse and vast talent pool from around the globe. Yet, in the face of these advantages, some […]

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