What You Are Paying for When Choosing Offshore Development Services with Newxel

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech-driven business solutions, lots of companies choose in favor of partnering with remote development teams via reliable partners, rather than hiring specialists in-house.

If you’re one of them, you pay the monthly fixed fee for the services that come alongside the talent acquisition. So let’s figure out what services you have to get.

Offshore development services explained

This article delves into the comprehensive array of services that Newxel offers, unraveling the intricacies of its Offshore Development Center (ODC) model. From talent acquisition to workplace management, legal services to IT support, Newxel ensures a seamless experience for both clients and their invaluable talents.

Services Newxel Provides by Default

1) Talent Acquisition (Recruitment Services)

At the heart of our service spectrum lies a meticulous talent acquisition process. From initial client requests and job description formation to technical and soft skills assessment and offer negotiation, Newxel streamlines the recruitment journey. The special attention we pay to the potential, benefits, and contributions that talents may bring to the project and business. Weekly reporting ensures transparency, fostering a collaborative partnership.

2) Legal & Financial Services

Navigating the complexities of the offshore development model becomes effortless with Newxel’s accounting and legal teams. Payroll distribution, tax filing, and transparent project expense reports form the foundation. Our legal team ensures that service agreements are precise, legally sound, and aligned with client expectations. We even manage any fuss concerning country change, swapping the type of employment or taxation model for the teams we hire.

3) Workplace Management and Maintenance

Dedicated workspaces, equipment provision, and coworking options ensure an optimal work environment. From office essentials to additional home office requisites, Newxel prioritizes the comfort and productivity of its talents.

4) Equipment Management

We take care of all equipment requirements, from procurement to maintenance. Team members receive the necessary tools, guaranteeing uninterrupted workflow and minimizing downtime.

5) Team Benefits

Beyond the professional realm, Newxel enriches the employee experience. Health insurance, mental health programs, English learning initiatives, corporate events, and sports activities contribute to holistic well-being.

6) Talent Management

Every team and talent has a dedicated People Partnership Manager who takes care of their retention, productivity, motivation, and well-being. Regular check-ins, feedback exchanges, team reviews, and paid time off management ensure a positive and engaging work experience. Monthly reporting keeps clients informed about team performance and the overall atmosphere.

7) Engagement and Retention

For sustained success, Newxel supports retention efforts, conducts salary reviews, and facilitates promotions upon client request.

By working with a partner, these services are included in the fee and you do not have to worry about these critical aspects of hiring and supporting a team, but doing it all in-house will add serious worries and expenses to you. If you’re wondering how much it costs to run all these processes in different countries, check out our latest report.

Additional Services at a Client’s Request

1) Branded Workspace & Equipment

Customized office spaces and branded designs are available upon client request, fostering a corporate environment.

2) Extended Legal & Financial Services

From establishing legal entities in other countries to supporting work permits, Newxel extends its legal and financial services to diverse global needs.

3) Exclusive Team Benefits

Tailored benefits beyond the standard offerings can be curated based on client preferences, ensuring a unique employee value proposition. This may be anything from branded welcome packages to theme parties and advanced paternity leaves.

4) In-Depth Technical Consulting

Newxel’s expertise goes beyond recruitment, providing strategic advice on product analysis, delivery roadmaps, and staffing targets. R&D center optimization becomes a collaborative endeavor.

5) IT Support

Ensuring a robust IT infrastructure, we handle equipment procurement, network management, server maintenance, and enterprise-grade security, allowing clients to focus on business growth.

6) Business Trip Organization

Effortlessly handling all travel logistics, Newxel takes care of ticket and hotel bookings, travel insurance, visas, and other documentation, streamlining business trips for clients and teams.


In the dynamic realm of offshore development, Newxel’s ODC services redefine collaboration and efficiency. From attracting top-tier talent to providing unparalleled support, Newxel is not just a service provider but a strategic partner in your journey toward technological excellence. We know the exact talents you need – proactive subject-matter experts keen on your company and project – and we hire them, surrounding them with comprehensive support so that you can care about primary business processes.

Explore the future of offshore development with confidence, guided by Newxel’s commitment to innovation and client success.Contact Us

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