R&D office_team integration

How to Integrate an Offshore Dev Team Into an Existing Business

Talent, affinity, and creativity do not depend upon countries and borders. Which means, to solve a problem or go through...
choosing offshore partner

How To Choose an Offshore Development Team?

Offshore development is a common practice for thousands of companies around the world. There is so much extraordinary talent scattered...
programmers salaries

Cost of Hiring a Development Team: Israel vs. Ukraine

When making any big business decision, the common concern is estimating the budget. If you decide to work with a...
Ukrainian developers

6 Reasons for Israeli Companies to Choose Ukrainian Developers

Finding a perfectly assembled team of developers can be difficult. Nevertheless, many world IT companies have already discovered the potential...
outstaffing vs outsourcing

Benefits of Dedicated Team vs. Classic Outsourcing or In-house Team

When comes the time to have massive IT work done, this calls for some serious decision-making. It is important to...
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