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Apr 01, 2019

Extended Development Team or How to Find Highly Qualified Software Engineers for Israeli Companies

It is no secret that Israel has become a new Silicon Valley, and Tel Aviv, with its numerous progressive startups, is one of the hottest tech hubs in the world. Besides high-tech industries also concentrate in Haifa, Caesarea and Jerusalem - a capital of recent technological establishments. Read more
Startup dedicated team software development
Sep 01, 2017

What to Choose for Your Startup: Dedicated Team vs In-House Development

When starting a business and trying to conquer a market with some progressive ideas, the crucial thing is an in-house or dedicated team who’ll make your project come to life. Read more
Remore development team_Newxel
Jul 17, 2017

4 Signs That You Need a Remote Development Team

When starting any sort of business, its owners are hoping for it to grow, to become more successful and effective. At some point, the time comes when a core team of tightly-knit founding employees is not enough anymore, and it is necessary to find ways to expand. In tech-related industries, attracting and retaining strong IT developers and engineers is a real fight. Read more
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Jun 19, 2017

Portrait of a Ukrainian IT specialist – 2017. Infographics

It's a high time to look at the updated portrait of the Ukrainian IT specialist. Read more
Diverse development team - Newxel
Jun 11, 2017

Why Gender Diversity In Tech Matters

Diversity in tech shows how open companies are to something new and different. Organizations with a diverse workforce are more inclined to offer a greater variety of solutions to different problems, as employees with different backgrounds bring new talents, knowledge and skills.  Read more