websummit 2022

Top 5 Trends in the Web Summit 2022 Event — Insights from the Newxel Team

Web Summit is arguably one of the largest annual technology conferences in the world, with its core focus on the...
remote dedicated developers at work

Hire Dedicated Remote Development Team: What You Need to Know to Find Best Talents

As established companies like Google, Cisco, and Microsoft outsource most of their development processes, small and medium-sized companies are following...
database developer at work

How to Hire Database Developers: Practical Tips on How to Build an Effective Team

Did you know that 95% of businesses acknowledge that managing unstructured data is a pain point that hinders various processes,...
training new developer

How Much Does It Cost to Train a New Employee [When You Hire a Software Developer]

Hiring and training new employees can be costly for companies in all industries. That begs the question, how much does...
Bulgarian developers

Software Development Team in Bulgaria: Benefits and Loses to Consider

BusinessWire estimates that by 2027, the global market for IT outsourcing will hit an enormous amount of $410 billion. This...
front-end developer

Guide to Hiring Offshore Front-end Development Team – Traps, Bottlenecks, and Tips to Succeed

Are you in need of expert developers to code the front end of your business website or application? Hiring front-end...
augmented staff

IT Staff Augmentation: Features, Loses, and Traps for Your Business Today and Beyond

As global digitization is snowballing, businesses are finding themselves in a sticky situation of acute talent shortage. A recent study...
Offshore Quality Assurance Team

How to Hire an Offshore Quality Assurance Team — Tips & Tricks

Quality assurance is a critical stage of software development processes. When applied correctly, the QA process ensures that you build...
remote work

How to Build and Maintain Strong Work Culture with a Remote Team

A recent McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey shows that 35% of job holders can embrace a full-time remote work organizational culture. In...
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