Agile transformation

Exciting journey to Agile. Interview with Agile coach Artem Bykovets

We've conducted an interview with the Agile coach to find out the critical aspects of Agile development and ways to integrate it into your company. Before rolling out the Agile methods in your company, It's important to understand that Agile is more about a philosophy, mindset, and culture rather than a set of practical procedural steps. More specifically, Agile is based on a set of 4 values and 12 principles.

How to Hire a Front-End Developer

The world has been developing very dynamically and unpredictably during the recent decade, and 2020 has shown this, like probably no year before! And while it is hardly possible to make any solid forecasts for the next decenia, it is clear that business models should be flexible and dynamic in order to correspond to the current challenges. While it is yet unclear what 2021 will […]

hire game developers in Ukraine

Things to Know Before Starting Your Own Game Studio Offshore

Are you considering opening a game studio in Ukraine? Here is all you need to know on how to find game developers and how much it cost to open your own studio in a foreign country.

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