International Companies and the Polish IT Market

The Polish IT landscape has been catching the eye of international businesses lately, and it’s no surprise why. Poland is a top choice for software development, boasting a special mix of skill, affordability, and reliability. The country is now home to about 60,000 IT companies, employing 700,000 plus individuals, enticing heavyweights like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to invest in the Polish market heavily. These big names cannot all be wrong, so it is safe to say that Poland is the real deal when it comes to IT outsourcing. 

IT market in Poland

This article dives into the factors behind this trend to know what makes the Polish IT landscape so appealing.

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An Overview of the Polish IT Landscape

Poland’s IT scene is currently flourishing and rapidly growing. The country has between 60,000 and 100,000 IT enterprises, with government figures indicating at least 100,000, of which 2,500 employ ten or more people each. This industry is driven by a talented workforce, notably in software development and programming, with expertise in Java, Python, and JavaScript, as well as specialties in AI and cybersecurity.

The gender breakdown within the Polish IT market mirrors global patterns. Women represent roughly 15% of IT experts, a percentage that, although modest, is still promising compared to other nations. Ongoing initiatives aim to attract more women to the technology sector through educational schemes and programs targeting gender equality.

Poland’s IT landscape cannot be mentioned without talking about the huge role played by the country’s educational system, which produces around 11,000 IT professionals each year to meet the growing demands for IT talent globally. These factors, together with a robust infrastructure and friendly geo-political environment, make Poland attractive to international companies looking to establish research and development (R&D) hubs in Eastern Europe.

Why Companies Are Setting Up Tech Operations In Poland

Poland appeals to tech companies seeking to establish or expand their operations internationally for many reasons. Let’s discuss them one after the other.

Why Companies Are Setting Up Tech Operations In Poland

Large Talent Pool

Poland has one of the largest IT workforces in the CEE region, with over 700,000 people employed in IT. This is made possible by the country’s educational system, which constantly generates STEM graduates, many of whom are noted for their technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and English fluency. With this pool of talent, you can easily hire Polish developers with the tech stacks and knowledge you require, from entry-level to seasoned engineers.

Quality-Driven Services

The Polish technology sector is known for high standards in delivering quality services. They emphasize rigorous code quality, adherence to international standards, and thorough testing. Polish developers often win international coding competitions, reflecting their expertise and commitment to excellence. This focus on quality ensures that products developed in Poland are reliable, secure, and scalable, meeting global clients’ high expectations.

Comprehensive Outsourcing

Poland provides a wide range of outsourcing services — software development, IT support, business process outsourcing (BPO), and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). Companies can build a dedicated development team in Poland for entire projects or outsource specific operations software development, maintenance, and customer support, all within one country. This comprehensive simplifies management and coordination, resulting in more efficient and cohesive project execution.

Favorable Business Climate

The Polish business landscape is welcoming, characterized by robust economic growth rates and political stability reinforced by supportive Polish tech policies. Substantial investments in infrastructure development combined with a strong legal framework create an attractive environment for foreign investors. Being part of the EU single market ensures easy trade facilitation and regulatory compliance, further adding appeal to international corporations.

Strategic Timezone Alignment

Another appeal is Poland’s strategic timezone alignment within Central Europe. This compatibility facilitates real-time collaboration with Western European nations due to close proximity. It also allows significant overlap during US business hours, enabling seamless communication and project management across continents. This fosters quick response times and maintains workflow efficiency.

Remote Work Capability

Recent global events have accelerated the adoption of remote work, and the IT market in Poland is not left behind. The country’s strong internet infrastructure, coupled with widespread digital tool usage, enables Polish developers to work effectively from any location. This flexibility makes Poland an appealing choice for companies aiming for remote operations without relocation concerns, offering employees better work-life balance opportunities.

Emerging Technologies Poland Offers

A further draw for offshore development centers is Poland’s emphasis on cutting-edge fields like cybersecurity, blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and machine learning. With its vibrant startup ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and innovation centers, the nation is home to several tech companies working together on ground-breaking initiatives that attract the attention of multinational corporations following technology trends.

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Case Studies Of Successful Tech Companies In Poland

Over the years, Poland has become a magnet for foreign tech companies, drawn in by the country’s proficient workforce, conducive business environment, and strategic geographical position. Let’s see some remarkable case studies of successful multinational tech companies in Poland.

  1. Google:

Google has established a robust presence in Poland, centered in Warsaw. Their office houses a large team of engineers and professionals working on various projects, notably Google Cloud services. In a significant move in 2021, Google launched its first Google Cloud region in Poland, a pioneering investment not only for the country but for Central and Eastern Europe as a whole. Looking forward, Google intends to invest around $700 million in acquiring and expanding The Warsaw HUB, an advanced office complex located in the heart of Warsaw.

  1. Microsoft:

Microsoft has a strong footprint in Poland. The company has made substantial investments in R&D centers specializing in cloud computing, AI, cybersecurity, and more in Warsaw. In 2022, Microsoft proudly launched its latest trusted cloud region – a groundbreaking move within Central and Eastern Europe, strategically based in Poland. This achievement highlights Microsoft’s longstanding commitment to Poland, spanning more than three decades, and underscores Polish IT’ expertise in meeting Microsoft’s technological needs, across diverse sectors.

  1. Capgemini:

Capgemini — global consultants specializing in technology solutions and digital transformation — is a familiar presence in Poland, operating in cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław since 1996. The company, however, significantly expanded its Polish footprint in 2004. This growth has positioned Capgemini as a major investor in Poland’s Business Services Sector. Leveraging Poland’s skilled IT workforce, Capgemini delivers cutting-edge services ranging from cloud computing infrastructure to AI-driven solutions and big data analytics.

  1. Intel:

Intel has established a strong presence in Poland, with key research hubs in cities like Gdańsk and Łódź specializing in embedded systems design and semiconductor innovations. In January 2021, Intel announced a significant €73 million investment in its Gdańsk facility, focusing on AI technologies, machine learning applications, and autonomous vehicle research. These investments have not only sparked innovation but also facilitated the transfer of technology across different regions, reinforcing Poland’s identity as a hub for cutting-edge technologies in Europe.

These examples highlight how international tech giants leverage Polish IT industry trends, benefiting from its workforce, innovation, and business-friendly environment for global digital transformations.

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Benefits And Challenges Of The IT Industry in Poland

Outsourcing software development to Poland offers numerous benefits alongside certain challenges. These factors underscore the strengths and areas for improvement within the Polish IT industry, providing a comprehensive overview for international companies considering Poland for their tech operations.


  1. Investment in Education. Poland invests heavily in education, particularly in IT and STEM fields. Polish universities prioritize education in these areas, churning out a considerable number of graduates annually. With one of the highest numbers of STEM graduates in Europe, according to Multirank data, Poland ensures a continuous supply of highly skilled IT professionals.
  2. High English Language Proficiency. Polish developers have excellent English language skills. This is a big plus for international companies. The nation’s “high proficiency” level was indicated by its ranking of 13th out of 113 in the EF English Competence Index 2023. This language ability makes it easier to collaborate and communicate with foreign teams and clients.
  3. Strategic European Location. Centrally located in Europe, Poland is a strategic hub for businesses aiming to serve the European market. With excellent connectivity to major European cities and Warsaw being within a three-hour flight from most European capitals, logistics and travel efficiencies are optimized. This strategic location fosters smoother business operations and partnerships across Europe.
  4. Favorable Business Climate. Poland performs well on the Global Services Location Index (GSLI). This index assesses nations based on certain criteria to determine their suitability as a business and investment hub. In the 2023 GSLI rankings, Poland was among the top 15 nations thanks to its strong economic stability, business-friendly atmosphere, and skilled labor force. The country’s solid legal structure, along with low costs, makes it an attractive location for IT recruitment.
  5. Government Incentives. The Polish government offers various incentives to attract foreign investments and bolster the growth of the IT sector. These incentives include tax benefits, research grants, and subsidies for new technology ventures. Active support from organizations like the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) and EU funding for Polish IT further aids foreign investors by offering guidance and necessary information to operate smoothly within Poland.
  6. Thriving Technological Landscape. The Poland tech scene boasts a vibrant ecosystem teeming with startups, tech hubs, and innovation centers. Cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław are renowned for their lively tech communities and are recognized as burgeoning hubs for tech innovation Poland. Numerous technology events, incubators, and accelerators foster innovation collaboration within this sphere.
  7. World-Class IT Talent Pool. Poland IT industry experts are globally acclaimed for their technical expertise. Especially notable are Polish developers who excel in JavaScript, Java, SQL, Python, and other domains. This exceptional talent reservoir entices global corporations scouting top-tier developers.


  1. Skill Shortage. Despite having a large talent pool, demand often surpasses supply. Rapid growth combined with global tech talent scarcity has created intense competition, leading companies to sometimes struggle to find qualified candidates. In fact, a 2023 survey showed that 54% of organizations still faced shortages.
  2. Cultural Variances. For international companies, navigating cultural differences can be daunting. While experts at Polish software companies excel technically, balancing local practices, communication styles, and workplace culture is crucial. Bridging these gaps demands effort and sensitivity from both local and international teams.
  3. Visa & Immigration Procedures. Dealing with visa and immigration processes can be intricate, especially when bringing in international talent. Bureaucratic hurdles and lengthy procedures can pose challenges, although Poland has taken steps to simplify them. Companies often need to provide extensive documentation and meet specific criteria, leading to delays in hiring and relocation efforts.

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The decision by big international companies to establish tech operations in Poland is driven by strategic advantages, including a highly skilled talent pool, a favorable business environment, and robust government support. These factors not only enhance operational efficiency but also position Poland as a gateway to the European market.

However, the success of foreign tech initiatives in Poland depends significantly on selecting the right partner. This is where Newxel excels. With years of experience providing IT staffing to global brands across a wide range of industries, we have what it takes to facilitate and set up Research & Development (R&D) centers and Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) in Poland seamlessly, powered by top-tier talents across various crucial domains. That’s not all, though. We can also manage legal, administrative, IT sector regulations Poland has, and other back-office tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on creating the perfect software product.

Whether scaling operations or launching new projects, Newxel offers tailored solutions to navigate cultural nuances, streamline visa processes, and efficiently build high-performing teams aligned with business objectives and growth strategies.

Contact the Newxel team today to explore how we can accelerate your tech operations by leveraging the IT industry in Poland.


What are the advantages of setting up IT operations in Poland?
Setting up IT operations in Poland offers numerous advantages. This includes tapping into a pool of highly skilled and well-educated workforce, enjoying competitive labor costs in contrast to Western Europe, benefiting from a favorable business environment offering tax incentives, and seizing the advantage of its strategic geographical location within the European Union.
How can I access talent for IT operations in Poland?
The key lies in forming partnerships with local IT staffing agencies such as Newxel. These specialized agencies excel in recruiting proficient professionals across various IT fields, providing a dependable and effective solution for businesses aiming to kickstart their IT operations in Poland. Moreover, universities and technical colleges in Poland continuously churn out qualified graduates, further enriching the talent pool.
What support does the Polish government provide for foreign IT companies?
The government wholeheartedly backs Poland tech investment by foreign companies by offering an array of support programs and incentives. These include subsidies to spur job creation and guidance through bureaucratic processes. Government support for tech Poland is tailor-made to lure foreign investments and nurture innovation within the dynamic realm of the IT sector — underscoring the government's unwavering dedication to fostering growth.
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