Newxel Announces the Appointment of Victor Dembovsky as General Manager of Newxel in Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 10, 2024 – Newxel, a leading global IT staff augmentation company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Victor Dembovsky as the General Manager of Newxel in Israel.

With Newxel’s strategic focus on Israel as a pivotal destination for its operations, the company has cultivated a significant presence in the tech sector, securing the trust of elite Israeli enterprises. This established rapport highlights Newxel’s dedication to nurturing strong partnerships and providing unparalleled IT staff augmentation services within Israel’s vibrant tech landscape.

Victor Dembovsky brings over two decades of remarkable achievements to Newxel, poised to elevate the company’s mission with his profound B2B sales experience and a history of driving sustainable growth. His dynamic guidance and adept revenue strategies have been pivotal in assembling high-performing sales teams, reinforcing Newxel’s esteemed standing within the industry, especially in the Israeli market.

Victor’s legacy is marked by his innovative tactics and exceptional leadership skills. He possesses a keen insight into addressing contemporary business challenges, crafting strategic solutions that not only navigate these hurdles but also steer Newxel towards enduring prosperity.

As the General manager of Newxel in Israel, Victor aims to leverage his extensive experience to further Newxel’s mission of providing superior IT staff augmentation services to its global clientele. His strategic vision for the Israel office includes developing new markets, forging strategic partnerships, and optimizing sales processes to ensure that Newxel remains at the forefront of the IT staff augmentation industry.

“I am honored to join Newxel and lead the representative office in Israel,” said Victor Dembovsky. “I am passionate about building high-performance teams that exceed expectations and drive growth. I look forward to applying my experience and leadership to further Newxel’s mission and contribute to its success in the dynamic and evolving IT landscape.”

Newxel’s CEO, Andrii Bezruchko, expressed enthusiasm about Victor’s appointment, stating, “We are excited to welcome Victor Dembovsky to our team. His exceptional track record, deep industry knowledge, and visionary leadership are exactly what Newxel needs as we continue to expand our global presence. Victor’s appointment reaffirms our commitment to providing our clients with unparalleled IT staff augmentation services and marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming the leading IT staff augmentation provider in Israel.”

Victor’s leadership is expected to not only strengthen Newxel’s position in the Israeli market but also enhance its global strategy and operations. The company looks forward to the innovation and growth that Victor will bring to the team.


About Newxel

Newxel is a global IT staff augmentation company that specializes in providing top-tier IT talent to organizations worldwide. With a focus on flexibility, efficiency, and quality, Newxel empowers businesses to scale their IT teams quickly and effectively, enabling them to achieve their development goals and stay ahead in the competitive tech landscape.

For more information about Newxel and its services, please visit Newxel’s website.


Contact in Israel

Victor Dembovsky

General Manager  of the Representative Office in Israel

[email protected]



Yigal Alon St 114,

Tel Aviv-Yafo,

6744320, Israel

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