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How to Manage an Offshore Development Team

Managing a team is tough enough, but manage an offshore development team is exponentially more challenging. Cultural, language, socio-economic differences tend to make the life of a team manager even harder. As with any team, an offshore team needs a good project management framework and clear communication guidelines. Ways of reporting, testing, and discussion are established upfront so that everyone knows what and when needs […]

Agile and How It Works with Remote Development Teams

Ever since the 2001 Manifesto for Agile Software Development, Agile methodology has grown to become a significant worldwide movement, extending way beyond conventional in-house software development. Today, it is mostly considered the only way a company can contend with the ever-unpredictable client-driven marketplace. Being a preferred approach to projects among many companies in the world, Agile has since become a work strategy provided by remote development […]

9 FAQ About Growing Software Development Department Offshore

This blog post will reveal all matters of concern about building  a development team abroad and explain it’s a competitive advantage over traditional software development outsourcing. Let’s roll! True story. Collaborating for a great while with tech-oriented companies and start-ups from all around the world, we keep receiving the same questions regarding IT outsourcing concerns and the ins and outs of opening own development office […]

4 Signs That You Need a Remote Development Team

When starting any sort of business, its owners are hoping for it to grow, to become more successful and effective. At some point, the time comes when a core team of tightly-knit founding employees is not enough anymore, and it is necessary to find ways to expand. In tech-related industries, attracting and retaining strong IT developers and engineers is a real fight. One of the ways […]

R&D office_team integration

How to Integrate an Offshore Dev Team Into an Existing Business

Talent, affinity, and creativity do not depend upon countries and borders. Which means, to solve a problem or go through with a project, you can avail yourself of the best people, no matter where they are located.  In our previous article, we were talking about How To Choose An Offshore Development Team. Now it is time to talk about the integration of that team into an […]

choosing offshore partner

How To Choose an Offshore Development Team?

Offshore development is a common practice for thousands of companies around the world. There is so much extraordinary talent scattered all over the continents, but how do you find the perfect partner for your project?  Every entrepreneur understands that no matter how great an idea is, it’s the people, the team, who make this idea real, profitable and successful. This is why finding and hiring […]

outstaffing vs outsourcing

Benefits of Dedicated Team vs. Classic Outsourcing or In-house Team

When comes the time to have massive IT work done, this calls for some serious decision-making. It is important to consider all the options like a dedicated team, outsourcing, or in-house team and decide which is best for your business at this point. If you are planning a short-term or a one-time project, you may consider outsourcing, as you won’t have to hire an entire […]

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