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Caffeine Economics Part 2: Staff Augmentation vs. In-house Teams in DACH Region

Business owners choose in-office work for its engaging environment. However, regardless of the approach, unchecked operating expenses, from recruitment, and salaries to office management, can threaten a business’s success. Otto, a 45-year-old IT company owner from Hamburg, knows this all too well. He’s managed a team of 60 in-house employees for half a decade, spanning three countries: Germany, Australia, and Switzerland, which includes 37 developers. […]

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Offshore Staff Augmentation: An Expert Guide for Business

The shortage of skilled talents is one of the main factors that make doing business so challenging in 2023. With only 65 potential candidates available for every 100 job openings in the USA, the traditional hiring process is now longer and more expensive. Data from the US Chamber of Commerce reveals that the healthcare, transportation, accommodation, and food industries are among the most affected. However, this […]

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Managed Services vs. IT Staff Augmentation: Which to Choose For Your Project?

Gone are the days when hiring tech talents was pretty simple — you post an ad, and tens of applicants would stream into your email inbox. Today, businesses of all sizes, whether startups or global conglomerates, are fiercely competing to recruit skilled developers through staff augmentation and managed services. In fact, a recent McKinsey & Company survey reveals that 44% of established organizations anticipate a […]

Staff Augmentation vs. Project Outsourcing

Staff Augmentation vs. Project Outsourcing: Which is Right for Your Project?

The demand for top tech talent is spiraling at full throttle at a time when supply is increasingly pressurized. Trusted insights reveal that 90% of hiring managers strain to find and recruit tech talents for roles in cloud computing, cybersecurity, IT architecture, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI). What’s more, organizational computing firm Korn Ferry predicts a never seen talent crunch in the tech industry, […]

IT Staff Augmentation Trends

Top IT Staff Augmentation Trends and How They Affect Your Business

Attracting and retaining skilled local workers has become a challenge in many countries. According to a 2023 survey by ManPower Group, 77% of employers worldwide say they find it difficult to get the skilled talent they need. Out of this number, a whopping 78% is in the IT industry. Companies are increasingly looking to staffing options like IT staff augmentation to fix this issue. But […]

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Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation for Your Business Needs

When your team is swamped, preventing cybersecurity incidents is often overlooked. But leaving your company’s entire infrastructure vulnerable to attacks isn’t an option. Like the different types of IT staff augmentation, cybersecurity staff augmentation allows you to fill that gap in your security strategy. What is Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation? So what is what is staff augmentation? Cybersecurity staff augmentation involves partnering with an agency that […]

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IT Staff Augmentation: Features, Loses, and Traps for Your Business Today and Beyond

As global digitization is snowballing, businesses are finding themselves in a sticky situation of acute talent shortage. A recent study by McKinsey reveals that 87% of HR executives are either experiencing talent gaps or expect the same in the near future. Business areas that experience skills gaps include web and software development, data analytics, and R&D. Fortunately third-party hiring models, such as IT staff augmentation […]

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