Staff Augmentation

Offshore development services explained

What You Are Paying for When Choosing Offshore Development Services with Newxel

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech-driven business solutions, lots of companies choose in favor of partnering with remote development teams via reliable partners, rather than hiring specialists in-house. If you’re one of them, you pay the monthly fixed fee for the services that come alongside the talent acquisition. So let’s figure out what services you have to get. This article delves into the comprehensive array […]

Israel outsource to Ukraine

Why Israeli Companies Choose Ukraine For Offshore Development

Israel’s nickname as the “Startup Nation” is well-earned, thanks to its vibrant tech scene that includes around 9,000 startups, the third-highest concentration globally. In recent years, these enterprises have driven the economy by injecting $95 billion through venture capital. However, despite these successes, the country is grappling with a significant challenge: a severe shortage of skilled tech workers. Many Israeli tech companies are looking beyond […]

remote developer

How to Integrate Remote Developers Into Your In-house Team

The dynamics of work is changing. Remote jobs are slowly becoming the standard, with companies of all sizes leveraging remote workers for their projects. As of September 2023, 28% of workdays were worked remotely, a significant increase from 7% in 2019. This trend indicates a significant and lasting change in how and where we work. While remote work spans across industries, the computer and IT […]

it staffing terms

Newxel’s Dictionary: Terms Explained

Remote team collaboration is now common, with around 37% of small businesses outsourcing tasks to save money and boost skills. However, many people still need to understand how it works. In this blog, we’ll unravel the complexities surrounding different forms of remote engagement in the IT sector by explaining common terms. This will help you understand the approach that best suits your needs. Let’s get […]

T Staff Augmentation

How to Find an IT Staff Augmentation Partner

Choosing the ideal IT staff augmentation partner is a sound decision for companies looking to enhance their tech expertise. With the right IT staff augmentation partner, businesses can swiftly hire new talent, which is crucial for the 78% of IT employers facing hiring challenges. They can also resolve talent shortages and effectively scale their IT capabilities to meet the demands of evolving projects. If you’re […]

IT Staff Augmentation

TOP IT Staff Augmentation Companies in 2023

As the global IT talent shortage bites harder, more and more companies are turning to IT staff augmentation to get the tech talents they need for their projects. IT staff augmentation is a flexible solution that supplements in-house resources with external IT professionals on a temporary or project-specific basis. This approach has proven successful that the global staffing industry, a key provider of IT staff […]

Caffeine Economics Part 5: Staff Augmentation vs. In-house Teams in Northwestern Europe

Businesses today are met with a crucial challenge — forming the right team to make their visions a reality. While traditional in-house hiring has advantages, the continuous talent shortage has sparked a growing interest in alternative solutions like staff augmentation. This exact challenge is what Alice, a dynamic 40-year-old CEO of an IT company in Stockholm, encounters. Alice has led her team to develop an […]

Caffeine Economics Part 4: IT Staff Augmentation vs. In-house Teams in Canada

Planning for your staffing needs is vital to operating a software development company. It goes beyond simply budgeting for compensation packages. The business must consider what other resources are needed to have a functional team on-site. And this is where the administration costs of having an in-house team become prominent. However, relying on IT staff augmentation services reduces the headache. Here’s how it can help […]

it staffing

The State & Future of Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation

Ever thought about what distinguishes industry leaders? It’s their dedication to hiring the best talent. They know that the right team fuels innovation and growth. That’s why many are now embracing  IT outsourcing and IT staff augmentation. The numbers back it up. Companies around the world are projected to spend over US$1.1 trillion on outsourcing, and around US$81.87 billion on staff augmentation by 2025. Without […]

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