Part 4: Manage Your Offshore Based Development Team Effectively

Today, many international companies and startups have embraced offshore software development to save costs, time, and enhance productivity. However, it helps to appreciate that these benefits are only realized when businesses manage their offshore-based teams effectively. See, contrary to what you may think, there may be challenges in distributed agile development. It comes with a unique set of issues, e.g., differences in time zone, culture, […]

management during covid19

8 Ways for Your Business to Stay Ahead During the COVID-19

Since November 19, 2019, when the earliest case can be traced back to, the COVID-19 virus has spread across the globe and had an unprecedented impact on businesses. Of course, some companies have been hit harder by this pandemic. However, every business should strive to embrace and implement appropriate actions to mitigate the COVID-19 impact. In that regard, below are some excellent strategies a business […]


Agile and How It Works with Remote Development Teams

Ever since the 2001 Manifesto for Agile Software Development, Agile methodology has grown to become a significant worldwide movement, extending way beyond conventional in-house software development. Today, it is mostly considered the only way a company can contend with the ever-unpredictable client-driven marketplace. Being a preferred approach to projects among many companies in the world, Agile has since become a work strategy provided by remote development […]


The Top 5 Criteria of a Tech Startup VCs Will Invest in

In this article, we’ll explain how venture capital can take your startup to a new level and how you can make sure you’ll be the one granted VC investment. Out of thousands of other promising startups. If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you know that pitching a fresh idea to an investor could be complicated. An own project is like a baby — you’ll never present […]

gender diversity in tech companies

Why Gender Diversity In Tech Matters

Diversity in tech shows how open companies are to something new and different. Organizations with a diverse workforce are more inclined to offer a greater variety of solutions to different problems, as employees with different backgrounds bring new talents, knowledge, and skills.  The findings of the study by Morgan Stanley, show that a more diverse workplace delivers better results and better returns with less volatility. In […]

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