distributed team management

Distributed Team Management: Tips, Mistakes, Best Practices

The revolutionary work setup of virtual collaboration continues to take shape across all industries. In fact, recent trends reveal that 25% of global teams are working under a 100% virtual model, with team members spread across multiple time zones. In other words, a workstation doesn’t have to be necessarily a single office location in 2023 — you can extend it to a collocated or distributed […]

distributed developers

What is Distributed Development: Business Owners’ Guide

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented increase in remote work. According to a Gallup study conducted in June 2022, 80% of US employees work from home or in a hybrid environment, while only 20% work exclusively on-site. The same trend can be seen all over the world, albeit at varying percentages. As remote work becomes more popular, distributed development — a subset of […]

Agile Distributed Team member

Agile Distributed Teams Challenges and How to Handle Them and Mitigate

At the present time, an increasing number of tech projects are combining remote talents with agile methodology to ensure better and faster product delivery. A survey published in 2022 proved this notion. Over 80% of the respondents confirmed that they use agile best practices with their distributed teams across borders and time zones. This means an entity in New York can easily collaborate with a […]


How to Manage Remote Software Developers: Best Tips

Remote work culture has already made a foray into the mainstream arena, with Gartner estimating that at least 48% of the global workforce will work remotely post-pandemic, as opposed to the initial 30%. The tech and IT industries top the list of sectors that are seizing the business benefits of remote software development. However, the growing size and demands of remote developers call for HRs […]

happy developer

How to Motivate Software Engineers: What is Going on in 2023

Although businesses have generally increased their pay rates over the past year, a majority of organizations still need help to recruit and retain employees. IT-driven startups now have to rethink their ways of motivating software development teams, especially if they will forge long-term relationships with meaningful gains. But which benefits programs or compensation plans can you leverage to motivate developer team models and increase job […]

training new developer

How Much Does It Cost to Train a New Employee [When You Hire a Software Developer]

Hiring and training new employees can be costly for companies in all industries. That begs the question, how much does it cost to train a new employee when you just hired a software developer? While there’s no specific cost to train a new software developer, a 2020 Industry Training Report shows that the average cost to train a new employee stands at $1,111 per person. […]

remote work

How to Build and Maintain Strong Work Culture with a Remote Team

A recent McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey shows that 35% of job holders can embrace a full-time remote work organizational culture. In another two-year study, researchers established that remote work culture can increase employee productivity by 13.5% and that 50% of remote workers are unlikely to abandon their job positions. From these statistics, you can tell that remote recruitment and collaboration are becoming popular for good reasons. First, […]

new developer onboarding process

How to Onboard New Developers — A Complete Checklist for 2023

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled by CompTIA indicates that the employer job postings for tech or IT roles reached an all-time high of 623,627 sometime this year, followed by new hiring in software development. What’s more, tech-driven companies in various industries can onboard as many as 22,800 talents within a month. However, global hiring trends is one thing, onboarding is different altogether. How […]

scaling engineering team

Scaling Engineering Teams Successfully and Without Wasting Extra Costs

There is more to scaling engineering teams than meets the eye. It’s a practice that goes beyond hiring additional in-house or offshore mobile developers, and into enabling new hires to adapt to the company’s application architectures. It’s also about ensuring development practices align with the company’s culture, establishing communication channels, setting metrics, building a flexible team structure, and many more. And the importance of doing […]

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