Virtual team

Virtual Team Advantages and Disadvantages: How to Get the Most Out of It

These days, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of virtual teams and running their everyday operations remotely. In fact, a whopping 98 percent of survey respondents expressed an interest in working from home at some time in their lives, and this was before the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the pandemic, the number of businesses operating remotely has climbed significantly.  More business owners […]

hybrid meetings

Hybrid Meetings: Best Practices for Engagement and Efficient Outcome

How many times do you hear your teams complaining about recently held meetings? Truth be said, everyone in the organization occasionally feels overwhelmed by meetings, whether virtual, in-person, agile, traditional, formal, or informal. Typically in the modern business practice, they are lengthy, more frequent, and tiresome. Today, executives spend more than 23 hours every week holding appointments. This is minus impromptu meet-ups that don’t make […]

talent shortage

Explore with Newxel: How to Deal With a Shortage of Software Engineers in 2022

Today, the question is no longer, is there a shortage of software developers in the world, but how to deal with the talent deficit. In December 2020, the global shortage of software developers reached an all-time high, 40 million and experts predict the number will increase to 85.2 million by 2030. What’s more, global companies are likely to lose up to $8.4 trillion in revenues, […]

talent vs performance management

Performance Management vs. Talent Management: How to Use Both for Success Reviews and Employee Retention

A recent survey of more than 30,000 workers worldwide indicates that nearly 41% of the participants plan to switch or quit their professions. In the UK, 38% of the surveyed employees plan to quit work in six months or a year. And in the US, the Department of Labor indicates that more than four million people resigned from their jobs voluntarily. According to the research, […]

Extreme programming

The State of Extreme Programming in the Middle East [2021 Update]

With constant changes happening in IT, project management approaches that the world had gotten used to no longer became feasible. Where the success of a business hinged upon its speed to deliver products to the market, it was required to substantially shorten the software development life cycle. This meant that experts in the field of IT had to unearth better ways to steer the constantly […]

Offshore Project Manager

Hiring an Offshore Project Manager in 2021 — The Why and How?

The perks of offshoring are numerous and can’t be denied. But, proper management is one of the few areas where organizations may face challenges. That is why you may consider hiring a project manager (PM) to take the load off and help you stay on track. However, not everyone needs to hire one. In this post, we’ll find out when and why you need an […]

Dedicated Development Team Management

10 Best Tools for Managing an Offshore Development Team Successfully

Working with an offshore development team can be the best decision your company ever made. But it’s essential to not skip a major task — communication and process tracking. Otherwise, you can go astray. Using proper tools, it’s possible to enhance the working processes of your offshore development team, thus producing an excellent product in a short time. We’ll break down how to manage a […]

Lean development methodology

Lean Software Development Methodology: Pillars, Principles, Use Cases, Benefits

Back in the 1970s, Toyota encountered a bump in its product delivery. To solve this problem, they invented a project management system that was to help them eliminate wastage in the manufacturing process, Toyota Production System (TPS) — now popularly known as the lean management system. To say this methodology was a success would be an understatement. The company’s revenue boomed and lean management system […]

Agile transformation

Exciting Journey to Agile. Interview With Agile Coach Artem Bykovets

High demand for Agile specialists in 2021 Our convoluted and dynamically changing world and in the particular business environments are rapidly becoming even more and more complex. Needless to say that this process was only amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic which made a great point to any skeptics out there about the importance of agility and the willingness to change plans on the go. From […]

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