How to Find an IT Staff Augmentation Partner

Choosing the ideal IT staff augmentation partner is a sound decision for companies looking to enhance their tech expertise. With the right IT staff augmentation partner, businesses can swiftly hire new talent, which is crucial for the 78% of IT employers facing hiring challenges. They can also resolve talent shortages and effectively scale their IT capabilities to meet the demands of evolving projects.

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If you’re looking for an IT staff augmentation partner, this guide is an essential resource. It offers practical tips and important considerations on how to find a staff augmentation company. Continue reading for valuable insights.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Companies

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Companies

IT staff augmentation companies play a major role in IT staffing. Organizations that partner with these specialized companies enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access to Specialized Skills

IT staff augmentation service providers enable organizations to access specialized skills. They have a vast network of top-notch IT professionals skilled in various technologies from different parts of the world, and they can help clients quickly hire these experts. Additionally, they facilitate a seamless onboarding process, ensuring the smooth integration of these professionals with the existing team.

  • Faster Time-to-Market

IT staff augmentation companies can speed up a product’s time-to-market by providing qualified experts quickly and seamlessly integrating them into existing teams. These professionals come equipped with the necessary skills and expertise, require no training, and can start working immediately, expediting project development and leading to quicker product launches.

  • Reduced Recruitment Time

Traditional recruitment processes involve time-consuming steps like posting job listings, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, negotiating offers, and onboarding. Staff augmentation companies handle all these processes, only recommending qualified candidates to the client. By eliminating lengthy recruitments, businesses can have more time to focus on other key aspects of their operations.

  • Reduced Workload for Internal Teams

Leveraging the expertise of staff augmentation companies allows businesses to lighten the workload of in-house team members quickly. They can easily get additional resources for specific projects or tasks. These new talents and perspectives will help boost overall productivity and promote a healthy work-life balance for the internal teams.

  • Access to a Global Talent Pool

Staff augmentation companies provide businesses with access to a global talent pool, enabling them to tap into diverse skills, expertise, and perspectives worldwide. This way, businesses can secure the right resources, irrespective of geographical constraints, and benefit from a highly skilled workforce.

  • Cost Savings

Staff augmentation in IT is significantly more cost-effective than hiring full-time IT staff. These companies typically provide operational support, and their experts come with their own infrastructure where possible, making it much more cost-effective than traditional IT staffing. Lower pricing models, including flexible or project-based pricing, also add to the cost-effectiveness. For example, the average developer salary in the USA is about $96,999, while in Ukraine, it is about $59,862.

Average salaries

  • Ability to Scale

This model also allows businesses to scale their teams up or down as needed, making it easy to quickly add or subtract IT resources depending on project requirements or business needs. This flexibility ensures that businesses always have the appropriate IT capacity without incurring additional costs or hassles.

  • Focus on Core Competencies

By outsourcing IT requirements, businesses can concentrate on core strengths. Delegating non-core IT responsibilities to experts frees up internal resources for essential business functions. This allows internal teams to focus on what they do best while external specialists handle technical aspects.

  • Risk Mitigation

Partnering with a reliable staffing provider significantly reduces the risks associated with technology projects and staffing challenges. These companies often handle legal and HR responsibilities for their staff, freeing their customers from these tasks. They also assist businesses in identifying and mitigating potential risks, implementing security measures, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

  • Knowledge Transfer

IT staff augmentation plays a key role in knowledge transfer. Businesses can collaborate with these companies or the experts they brought on board to leverage training, mentoring, and upskilling opportunities for their internal IT staff, ensuring they stay updated and competitive in the ever-changing IT landscape.

To elevate your IT capabilities, reduce costs, and enhance business resilience, partner with us at Newxel to experience these benefits.

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Where to Find IT Staff Augmentation Providers

average hourly developers rates by region

Regarding leveraging staff augmentation in IT, three regions that have emerged as hotspots for this service are Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is renowned as a hub for IT outsourcing and staff augmentation. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, and Romania stand out for their highly skilled IT workforce, cost-effectiveness, and cultural compatibility with Western nations.

Ukraine, for example, boasts over 270,000 IT experts and is home to more than 300 staff augmentation IT companies, including industry leaders like Newxel with years of software outsourcing experience. The close time zone proximity to Western Europe facilitates efficient collaboration, and high English proficiency in the region streamlines communication between clients and staff augmentation providers.

Latin America

Latin America has experienced significant growth in the IT staffing sector, with countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina emerging as popular destinations. Proximity to the United States and cultural affinity make these countries attractive. They have heavily invested in enhancing IT infrastructure and skills, resulting in a surge of highly skilled professionals.

Argentina, in particular, is favored by tech giants like Google, IBM, Salesforce, and Oracle and boasts an extensive tech talent pool of over 115,000 candidates. Mexico and Brazil have 500,000 and 225,000 IT professionals, respectively. High English proficiency in these countries ensures seamless communication with clients.


Asia, particularly countries like India, the Philippines, and Vietnam, has long been a key destination to hire top IT staff augmentation companies. Boasting massive talent pools and thousands of IT graduates annually, these countries offer cost advantages and strong technical capabilities.

India is a top tech talent market with a 16% market share comparable to Europe’s 16% and the USA’s 20%. Its production of many certified IT professionals makes it a preferred choice for staff augmentation. Notable tech leaders like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Parag Aggarwal, and Shantanu Narayen hail from India, showcasing the country’s status as a hotbed of IT talent.

How to Choose

The field of staff augmentation is huge, with a global market worth $253.6 billion in 2023. Finding the right IT staff augmentation company from this large pool can be tricky. However, carefully following a few checklists can identify the right vendor.

  1. Assess Your Project/ Team Needs: Clearly define your project or team requirements, including the skills and expertise needed. Understand the scope, timeline, and goals to communicate with potential providers effectively.
  2. Research Providers: Investigate reputable staff augmentation companies with a track record of successful IT projects. Look for client reviews, testimonials, and case studies to gauge their performance and reliability
  3. Create a Shortlist of Options: Narrow down your choices based on companies that align with your project needs and have a positive reputation. Consider factors like industry experience, client satisfaction, and the range of IT staff augmentation services offered.
  4. Compare Expertise: Evaluate the expertise of each shortlisted staff augmentation services company. Ensure they have a proven history of delivering solutions in your IT domain and possess the necessary technical skills.
  5. Compare Pricing Models: Review and compare the pricing models of each provider. Look for transparency in pricing structures, including hourly rates, project-based fees, and additional costs. Choose a model that aligns with your budget and project scope.
  6. Compare Security Measures: Assess the security measures implemented by each provider to safeguard your data and intellectual property. Inquire about their security protocols, compliance with industry standards, and any certifications they may hold.
  7. Compare Communication Setup: Evaluate each provider’s communication channels and tools. Effective and transparent communication is crucial for successful collaboration. Ensure they have a clear and efficient system for updates, reporting, and issue resolution.
  8. Consider Language & Culture: Consider language proficiency and cultural compatibility. Effective communication is enhanced when there is a shared understanding of language and cultural nuances, promoting smoother collaboration between your team and the augmented staff.
  9. Compare Contract & Delivery Schedule: Scrutinize contract terms, including project milestones, deliverables, and termination clauses. Ensure the contract is flexible enough to accommodate changes in project scope or unforeseen circumstances. Compare delivery schedules to align with your project timeline.
  10. Finalize Selection: Make an informed decision based on the comprehensive comparison. Choose the provider that meets your project requirements and aligns with your budget, security expectations, and communication preferences. Confirm the terms of the engagement in a detailed contract before finalizing your selection.

You can select the provider aligned with your project goals by methodically following these staff augmentation company evaluation steps.

Success Story – The HiBob Collaboration

HiBob success story

HiBob, a globally recognized people management platform with entities in eight countries featured in Forbes Cloud 100 for two consecutive years, collaborated with Newxel to address its critical talent acquisition needs.

The client faced challenges seeking a senior back-end developer proficient in Kotlin/Scala and contacted us after disappointment with several other vendors. Undeterred by the scarcity of the skill set, our dedicated recruitment team swiftly identified a perfect match aligning with HiBob’s unique culture.

The successful hiring of four back-end developers marked the first stage in our collaboration. As the client expanded their team, our recruitment efforts grew to include front-end developers and product managers. The partnership extended to workspace management, equipment administration, legal compliance, and IT infrastructure setup. The collaboration, initiated in 2021, has evolved into a robust and flexible global team with plans to expand to Portugal, highlighting our commitment at Newxel to seamless talent solutions and the continuous growth of our clients.

Click here to read more about our partnership with HiBob.


You, too, can elevate your in-house team’s capabilities by leveraging our expertise to access top-tier specialized skills and efficiency from a diverse global pool.


Having the right team in place is crucial for the success of your projects, and leveraging the IT staff augmentation model can help. Whether you explore options in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, or beyond, remember that the right provider can enhance your team’s capabilities and contribute significantly to project success as you navigate this landscape.

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How does IT staff augmentation work?
The approach entails hiring external professionals to fill specific skill gaps or meet project needs. The process involves identifying the need for specialized skills, selecting a third-party provider, matching skills, onboarding, collaboration, and project completion. It offers flexibility, access to hard-to-find talent, and cost control without long-term commitments.
What are the advantages of IT staff augmentation?
This work model boasts many advantages. Firstly, it provides access to a broader talent pool, enabling organizations to leverage diverse skills and experiences. By augmenting existing staff, businesses can swiftly scale up their IT capabilities to meet changing demands, avoiding extensive hiring or training processes. This flexibility is valuable for short-term projects or seasonal workload spikes.
Which roles can be filled via IT staff augmentation?
The augmentation approach helps organizations fill diverse roles in their IT departments, like software developers, system administrators, network engineers, cybersecurity specialists, database administrators, QA, and IT project management. It simplifies finding professionals with the exact skills needed for projects, avoiding extensive recruitment efforts.
Which industries benefit from IT staff augmentation?
Staff augmentation in IT will benefit industries requiring specialized technical skills, especially in software development, infrastructure management, data analysis, etc. Industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail can leverage this model to address IT needs and challenges.
What challenges are common in IT staff augmentation?
Despite its advantages, staff augmentation in IT presents a few challenges. One common issue is managing different work cultures, processes, and expectations to ensure seamless integration between the remote expert and the in-house team. Maintaining data security and confidentiality is also a concern when external resources access sensitive information and systems. Working with a partner and implementing proper security measures and protocols will mitigate this risk.
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