Software Engineering and QA Office in Ukraine for Celeno

  • Industry:Wireless
  • Country: Israel
  • Offshore team size: 15
  • Work with Newxel: 3+ years
  • Team formation: up to 2 months (4 people)
  • Tech Stack: Linux Kernel, C++, C, QA

About the client

What would life be like without Wi-Fi? It’s hard to imagine emerging realities without wireless technology.

To enhance the Wi-Fi user experience, the company offers chipsets that provide high-speed wireless connectivity. Chips and software technologies have been embedded into Wi-Fi devices used in many homes, offices, and various organizations around the world. With a global presence and offices in Israel, the USA, Asia, and Europe, the company keeps growing and expanding its R&D capacity to develop cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions.

The Story

When we first met, the company had already had a development office in Ukraine provided by another IT Staff Augmentation service provider. They were really excited by the level of expertise, tech skills, passion, and full engagement of Ukrainian developers into the project. The company’s technical stack is quite rare, but there are enough developers and QA specialists who can easily and efficiently implement the client’s request in Ukraine.
It was important for the client to transfer their Ukrainian team to an ideal office space designed for comfortable and efficient work, to get turn-key vendor’s support, and, of course, to hire more specialists.
Considering the request, Newxel shortly organized an individual branded office for them with its own security access system, separate meeting room, coffee point, relax zone, and sleeping spaces. It was that very moment when we started our long-term partnership…

Newxel’s approach

We started the recruitment process by hiring 4 QA specialists and eventually expanded the existing team in two months. Currently, the client’s dedicated development team in Ukraine consist of 15 people with local Site Manager who love what they do and share the same values & goals with the client’s company: 50% embedded Linux Kernel developers and 50% QA specialists.
One of Newxel’s core values is flexibility. We always have a custom approach to each client and consider their needs carefully, since each company is different, as well as their requirements, goals, and concerns.
For more than 3 years of cooperation, we have built trusting relationships. Newxel helped open a Wi-Fi house in Ukraine, and now we support two houses that are using for testing software solutions. 

Services covered by Newxel

The scope of services covered by Newxel is much wider than the standard service package.

  • Recruitment — searching and hiring the right people that totally respond to the client’s requirements
  • Full HR support
  • Account Management
  • Facility Management 
  • Finance and legal support in Ukraine
  • Travel Support 
  • Office infrastructure
  • Organization of supplies
  • 24/7 office access 
  • Wi-Fi houses serving 

Technical background

Linux Kernel, C, C++, QA, Networking

  • Industry:Wireless
  • Country: Israel
  • Offshore team size: 15
  • Work with Newxel: 3+ years
  • Team formation: up to 2 months (4 people)
  • Tech Stack: Linux Kernel, C++, C, QA

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