Recruiting Tech Talents in Competitive Areas: Best Practices For 2022 and Beyond

According to Statista, a shortage in tech talent is holding back 54% of organizations worldwide. This gap, coupled with the accelerated digitization we have witnessed over the years, has made recruiting tech professionals a tough nut for HR managers to crack. And since this is a problem with no solution in sight, the importance of preparing well in advance cannot be over-emphasized.

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In this article, we look at the competitiveness in tech talent recruitment, how to recruit the tech talent that you require, its challenges, best practices, and how Newxel can help you hire qualified professionals for your project.

Let’s dive into the details.

The Most Competitive Areas For Tech Hiring

The skill gap in tech-related jobs is only getting wider. PWC predicts that, by 2030, China and Japan will have a scarcity of 12 and 18 million workers, respectively. That, and the fact that 92% of developers are employed either full-time or part-time, has made finding top tech talents an uphill task.

Such competitiveness is fueled by the need to adapt to the ever-evolving IT landscape. As such, many companies scramble to bring in developers, database specialists, network administrators, analysts, in-demand roles of an AI team, and cloud architects, with the battle for the top talents being stiffer for some positions.

Below are some of the in-demand tech positions you should know:

  • Data processing/data operations

Data processing analyzes a company’s complex information, translating it into an easy-to-understand format. As a result, entrepreneurs can easily interpret and derive invaluable insights from it.

Since data processing allows businesses to make informed decisions and fine-tune their business strategies for success, it is a tech field in demand. Furthermore, with more sophisticated technologies emerging by the day, companies compete for stellar data operation specialists who can easily decipher them.

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  • Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the next phase of the internet primarily based on Blockchain. The technology focuses on leveraging ML and AI to minimize the time users spend finding accurate results on the internet.

Apple’s SIRI is one of the most practical examples of web 3.0 applications. Same as Wolfram Alpha.

Since it’s a top innovation, many established companies actively want to integrate it into their applications, making it highly competitive. But this requires building your AI team, for accomplishing related tasks. However, even with the number of web3 developers reaching 34,391 (an all-time high), they are not enough to cater to the development needs of businesses.

  • Flutter 3

According to Statista, Flutter is a favorite cross-platform development framework for many developers. Its newest release, Flutter 3, advances from being a mobile-only app development platform to now supporting desktop applications and game development.

As a result, it is currently an overly competitive area, and companies are having a tough time getting their hands on brilliant developers who fully understand the coding language.

Challenges of Recruiting Tech Talent

Finding ideal candidates with the required skills and experience to ensure the success of your development project can be challenging. Here are the unique tech talent recruiting challenges a specialist can expect, alongside how to avoid or overcome them.

  • Talent Scarcity

The need to keep up with technological advancements has left many companies struggling to find specialists well-versed in the newest tech stacks. With such an increase in tech demand, it is not surprising that the tech unemployment rate is at a record low of 1.3%, which brings much joy to IT professionals but not so much to companies hiring tech talent.

Some fields companies will have to dig deeper and work harder to fill positions, including web development, data science, DevOps, security analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. To add salt to injury, predictions that there will be a shortage of 85 million jobs by 2030 only exacerbate the problem.

  • Location Limitations 

Many organizations focus on their localities, settling for the available talents — even when they are not their perfect fit. And in case they come across skilled IT professionals, many are willing to go above and beyond, offering new tech hires attractive relocation packages, among other incentives, just to get a hold of them.

To overcome this challenge, companies need to look beyond local talent and consider international tech talent recruitment. Sourcing, for instance, offshore mobile app development presents them with highly qualified tech specialists who are well-versed in their preferred tech stacks to make the project a success.

  • Increased Competing Offers

According to the Boston Globe, freshly graduated software developers can demand lucrative pay of up to $90,000. They are also likely to receive as many as 20 calls from other recruiters who would be willing to offer higher salaries in hopes that they would join their team.

Since they know the value they bring to the table, developers are always ready to negotiate better offers. As a result, they will often look for opportunities from established organizations, sidelining offers from smaller businesses.

  • Slow Recruitment 

Top talents go off the market in 10 days tops. So a tech talent recruiter who drags the hiring process is likely to miss out on skilled professionals.

In this case, a company can seek the services of recruitment agencies that are vastly knowledgeable about where to find your target top specialists. Newxel, for instance, will assemble an entire extended development team in 3 to 5 weeks, helping you bring in talented developers before they are off-market.

You also can find out more about the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition. 

Best Practises on How to Recruit Top Tech Talent

Here are tips for tech talent recruitment that every recruiter should practice.

  • Widen Your Talent Pool

Solely relying on traditional advertising and job boards will not cut it if you are looking for tech professionals with specific skill sets.

To find them, you can start sourcing from tech websites such as GitHub, AngelList, LinkedIn, and Stack Overflow.

Additionally, you can consider offshore developers, one of the most effective recruiting trends of 2022 and beyond. Here, you gain access to a vast talent pool of specialists who possess the tech skills needed to ensure a successful project.

  • Create an Attractive Company Culture 

Workplace culture is integral to how receptive top tech specialists are to your company. For example, 88% of employees consider company culture relatively important. Moreover, they hold it in high esteem to the extent that a shocking 32% would be willing to take a 10% pay cut just to land a job they love.

To create a positive culture in the workplace, there should be proper communication, transparency, clear missions, learning opportunities, and comfortable workstations. That way, you will attract top hires and retain existing ones.

  • Develop a Rigorous Interview Process

Undertaking tech interviews as you would other regular positions is a recipe for disaster. Instead, to find the right developers, data analysts, or tech engineers, you must conduct a thorough screening that focuses on recruiting top tech talent.

For instance, consider having seasoned coders as interviewers if you are hiring a developer. These professionals will almost instantly tell if the interviewee has the expected coding standards needed by your organization. They will also identify whether the interviewee embodies the talents and traits required for the project.

However, considering the magnitude and technicalities of the hiring process, the best way to recruit tech talent is through an IT staffing partner. In fact, according to a report, 40% of companies in the United States partly or wholly outsource hiring processes.

Newxel is one such outstaffing company that has proven to be successful in recruiting tech talent. As a seasoned vendor, we have offshore project management expertise and fully understand how to get your target professionals onto your team.

Where to Recruit Tech Talents in 2022

With remote work taking center stage, you can expect to find software developers in almost any city. However, with the current economic crisis, tech professionals are relocating from cities to other areas where the cost of living is slightly lower.

For instance, in the United States, you are more likely to find a larger concentration of specialists in San Diego due to its favorable job climate.

Additionally, considering that developers will mostly flock to cities offering attractive pay, you can expect to find them in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Madison, and other cities Glassdoor listed among the best-paying cities for developers.

As for the most competitive areas in the global destinations, London and New York take the lead. However, since focusing your talent tech recruitment efforts in these prime areas can cost an arm and a leg, entrepreneurs are hiring talents from overseas destinations.

Some of the well-known and emerging tech hotspots you can go to, as listed by Gartner, include Bangalore, Tokyo, Warsaw, Shanghai, Delhi NCR, Mexico City, and many more.

Tech Talent Recruiting With Newxel

Newxel is a company that boasts unrivaled expertise in hiring offshore developers. We understand how to recruit top tech talent in-depth, helping you set up a robust team customized to your project needs.

Our talent recruitment process follows three crucial stages:

  • Recruitment: we have experts who perform rigorous tech evaluations to find candidates whose skills and traits align with your development needs. We assess their technical, adapting, time management, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, leaving the final hiring decision to you.
  • Onboarding: Once you find the ideal developers, our HR department integrates the new hires into your in-house team. We teach them your company’s culture to ensure a smooth running of development processes.
  • Team management: As much as you have total control over the dedicated team, we will help you manage them by setting goals, monitoring their progress, and offering ongoing support. We will leverage the power of advanced communication tools and find hours where both teams are available to ensure easy communications.

Setting up offshore R&D centers is also our forte. We will explain the meaning of offshore development center and how we will implement it, helping you choose your ideal structure and winning R&D strategies.

Aside from that, we offer comfortable workspaces, robust IT infrastructure and equipment, account management, finance, and legal services.

Final Thoughts 

Undoubtedly, competition for top tech talents is stiff, and companies sitting back and waiting for applications to come in no longer work. To tap top-notch skills, hiring a team of recruitment specialists who will build a global team in a few days is vital.

At Newxel, strategic offshore talent recruitment is our strong point, adding top-level professionals to your team. Talk to us today.


List places where to recruit tech talent.
Online sites such as GitHub, AngelList, LinkedIn, and Stack Overflow have a high number of developers that would be an excellent addition to your team. However, Newxel can help you find quality hires beyond these platforms, sourcing from the global market.
Name the top cities for recruiting tech talent.
Silicon Valley, New York, Mexico, Ukraine, Tokyo, Bangalore are some of the Top cities where Newxel can help you find high-ranking tech professionals.
What are some of the issues in recruiting tech talent?
Slow hiring processes, talent scarcity, location limitations, and competitive salaries are some recruiting challenges you can expect. However, Newxel can leverage its offshore recruitment expertise to find your perfect-suited specialists within a short period.
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