How To Choose An Offshore Development Team?

Offshore development is a common practice for thousands of companies around the world. There is so much extraordinary talent scattered all over the continents, but how do you find the perfect partner for your project? 

Every entrepreneur understands that no matter how great an idea is, it’s the people, the team, who make this idea real, profitable and successful. Which is why finding and hiring great people to build a grand development team is vital to your IT-project.

What To Look For, When Looking For an IT-service Provider

As with any other business decision, taking an IT-project to an offshore contractor needs careful planning and research. Putting together a checklist of key factors to consider will help you make an educated decision and find a development team that will help you reach your goal. Remember, the choice of an offshore software development partner requires organization and methodology. You need to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that the vendor you choose matches your needs while being able to deliver on time, within budget.

  • Cost competitiveness. Offshore development is a good way to save costs, but be careful to make sure the quality of the services corresponds to the price.
  • Industry expertise, specialization, and size of the vendor. See if the company has the right experience in the field and the right capacity for the task. Do not go for a business giant, unless you are one yourself.
  • Proficiency in language. Communication problems are one of the biggest hindrances in doing business with other countries and cultures. Be sure the team can communicate fluently in your preferred language.
  • Time zone. Offshore may mean really far away. Don’t go for a company that isn’t flexible in its hours.
  • Technology stack and procedures. As a client, you have to be sure that your service provider has everything they need to work for you.
  • Understanding of your business needs. You and your offshore team have to be on the same page to work efficiently.

Make Your Own Team

Of course, it is easier to find an already settled development team. Still, a team is only as good as its weakest member. Which means that there is no guarantee that you will find a team that is actually efficient. See, the truth is, every unique project needs a unique solution. Which is why it is vital to find a partner that will help you build a team of high-level specialists that is put together based on your specific needs.


A team is only as good as its weakest member


A partner that will take time to choose and pre-approve engineers, programmers, analysts, designers, software testers, projects managers, and marketers specially for your project. Meanwhile, you will be able to supervise the process and decide what specialists are best for this particular task. Thus, creating the perfect combo. You will be able to not only check the technical skills of the candidates, but also see how they communicate on a personal level, and build trust with the team members. This way, you are guaranteed to retain full control over the product development from the very beginning and at every stage.

Start an Efficient Partnership

Feeling convinced? The time has come for you to find a reliable partner. The criteria mentioned above will help you create a pool of potential candidates. However, we’ve got one more tip for you: while choosing a vendor, compare business models they are offering. Some companies sign contracts with developers themselves, take over all the executive tasks and provide all services necessary for the team’s work. As a client, you only pay the actual cost of the team plus commission and concentrate on the development process. Another model allows you to sign contracts and pay the salaries to developers directly, while the partner offers accounting support, and of course, provides space and equipment necessary for the team.

From here, your custom-tailored offshore development team is just a few steps away:

  • First, set your goals and priorities. This will help you find an IT-vendor that meets your needs.
  • Send your prospective IT-partner a request describing your requirements.
  • In return, the company will write down a proposal and suggest a budget. Make sure that everything has been taken into account.
  • After everything is settled and the contract is signed, there is a kickoff meeting. Do not forget to carefully review and negotiate the contract.
  • Your new partner starts building the team. This process includes pre-screening and interviewing, testing their technical skills and, finally, approving candidates.
  • The final step: the team is set up and ready to work!

Remember, you and your company deserve the best. Remember to choose wisely and pick a company that will support you on your way to success, and find only the best specialists for your offshore development team. A great partnership can go a long way.

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