Open R&D Center in Ukraine and Europe

Operating with our vast experience, we open R&D centers for the clients, reducing all the operational headaches and providing them a fully equipped office with a dedicated development team ready to dive into the process.

Establish Your R&D With Newxel's Support From A to Z

An offshore R&D center can become the business-boosting option that will help you effectively address talent gaps, support your company's growth & scaling, reduce the time to market, and expand your global presence. With our vast hands-on experience and expertise in setting up R&D offices in Ukraine and Western Europe, Newxel is ready to provide you with comprehensive support and become a reliable partner on the challenging but purposeful way of opening your own research and development center anywhere around the world.

Your offshore R&D center in Ukraine

What We Cover

Our team will find a perfect office space for your software R&D center anywhere in Ukraine, Romania, Poland or other country based on the allocation of the required tech talent pool. Also, we'll integrate all essential security standards, and will set up a custom-branded office for you. We’ll make sure your remote specialists feel like part of your company so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level.
Our high-performing recruitment team specializes in hiring top-notch software developers of any tech stack and seniority level for any business domain. We have already successfully recruited 500+ developers for over 100 clients, so you can be sure that your request will be fulfilled timely and efficiently.
Legal Support
It may happen that the intricacies of the local offshore legislation can make it difficult to open your own R&D center in Ukraine or any other country. However, you can cast all doubts aside. Once you’ve decided to start your R&D with Newxel our team of high-skilled lawyers who are aware of all the legal nuances and have extensive R&D-related experience will cover your back and take care of all legal issues.
IT Support
Newxel provide technical support and advanced IT infrastructure integration and administration for your R&D office in Ukraine and anywhere around the world. Also, we take care of reliable enterprise-grade security which guarantees stable and reliable access to the network for your team.
Newxel Turnkey Support
We provide all-round assistance for the tech team throughout the whole partnership. This includes:
HR Support
Newxel offers a full range of HR services. Once the team is formed, we continue to work closely with them in order to motivate and retain employees. We make sure your offshore team shares your company’s values and enjoys a work-life balance. This ensures a sustainable performance from your R&D department in Ukraine and anywhere around the world.
Account Management
An Account Manager is the key link between you and your offshore team. His main tasks are to ensure your team’s productivity, make certain developers are satisfied with the working conditions, and quickly resolve any problems that arise.
Office Management & Procurement
When choosing Newxel, you can be sure your development team will always be provided with everything required to work comfortably, so that they can concentrate on their tasks and not be distracted by a daily routine.

Why Сhoose Ukraine for Your R&D Center?

Once you decide to open R&D in a foreign country, choosing the right location is the key to success. Over the past few years, more than 200 well-established and world-renowned companies have already chosen to open R&D offices in Ukraine. These include, among others, Google, Siemens, Reddit, Samsung, NetCracker, WarGaming, and here is why:

A vast pool of IT talents — over 200K of competent tech specialists — guarantees quick team recruitment for your offshore representative office
Strong university base with a high quality of technical education, which is recognized globally
Attractive rates that help you to stay within budget
Solid English proficiency which reduces communication barriers
Establish your offshore
R&D center with
all-round support

3 Simple Steps to Open R&D in Ukraine or Western Europe

You Send us The Requirements
First things first! To provide a top-tailored solution, we need to clarify the client's needs and requirements down to the smallest detail, like team size, seniority level, tech stack, office details, security aspects, etc.
We Form a Custom Proposal
Considering all the client’s requirements, we craft a custom proposal that includes the scope of services covered by Newxel, prices, deadlines, and the entire roadmap.
Your R&D Center is Opened
Once all of the aspects are approved, we begin to work at full capacity in order to timely open the client’s own research and development in Ukraine or other European country.

Why Choose Newxel as Your R&D Partner

Service Flexibility
The process of opening the R&D office that we handle for our clients is totally flexible and traceable. This allows us to offer each client a top-notch custom approach that meets all of their needs and requirements.
Overall Transparency
Trust is the best foundation for the partnership, so we build and keep the processes simple, clear & transparent. The information on the course of the project is available; updates are timely; all of the issues are addressed in good time.
Top-notch Recruitment
Our tech recruitment experts find & hire required software developers in a record time of 3-5 weeks.
Client’s Scalability
Remote R&D center that we open for our clients, becomes their development site with a team of software engineers located in Ukraine or other European country as a full-fledged part of business. This gives them a convenient way to expand their presence around the world with full control over the business.
Reasons to Open

Reasons to Open an R&D Center

Manage a talent shortage

It's not easy to discover the top talent. But it's possible to attract IT specialists quicker if you have a remote R&D center. Thanks to our one-on-one approach to each candidate and the recruiters, researching a large network of experienced professionals, you will not have to worry about the talent shortage anymore. Our specialists carefully study your product, both on the technical and business sides. With a diversified and adaptable staff, you will receive an already high-performing team, the right people for your business.

Access to niche technology

As a turnkey R&D center provider in Ukraine, , Romania, Poland and other European countries, Newxel will give you access to the niche technology you need, work with you in Fintech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Gaming, or any other sector. We allocate tech talents with skills required for your product development according to the niche your business operates and other essential characteristics.

International presence

By establishing an offshore R&D center, you will have the benefit of effectively establishing a representative office in another country. Also, you will significantly increase your impact and involve foreign specialists who contribute to the infusion of foreign experience into the development processes. A new employee's fresh perspective on company difficulties might result in a huge profit. Especially, if you're entering a local market, this knowledge will be very useful.

Rapid scalability

It may be difficult to scale your product swiftly if you operate in an area where finding qualified software engineers is costly and time-consuming. Nearshoring and Offshoring is the best solution, as it allows you to hire tech professionals and expand R&D capacities only for as long as you need them owing to nearshore teams being totally expandable.

Cost efficiency

Create a research and development center offshore in Ukraine or Western Europe, if you want to significantly minimize development costs. Software developers' salaries in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland, for example, are lower than in the United States. Tech brands gain the advantage of small upfront investments. R&D center allows product software firms to save money while still getting the important tasks done quickly. Establishing your own R&D office does not imply any hidden costs. Offshoring helps companies save money and time, which are crucial for quick business growth.

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What is the difference between R&D center & Dedicated Development Team Model?
There are two main differences between these two models: first, in the number of employees, we hire for the client. Second, in the office — we will rent a separate space for the R&D center, which we will completely design and re-equip for your team. On the other hand, the dedicated team works in a separate office but has common spaces (kitchen, meeting rooms, recreation areas) with other project teams.
How many specialists should I hire for opening own R&D office in Ukraine or Europe?
Usually, to open an R&D center, we hire 20-100 + specialists for clients, while a dedicated team can start from 2+ specialists
What specialists can Newxel recruit?
There is nothing impossible for our recruiters, so they can hire absolutely any specialist that a client needs for an offshore team. However, our strongest expertise concerns technical specialists of the most popular technical stacks: Python, C ++, Java, .NET, React, Golang, iOS, Android, Unreal, Unity DevOps, QA, etc.
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