Development Team for US-based company

  • Industry: IT & Services
  • Country: The USA
  • Offshore team size: 9
  • Work with Newxel: 2+ year
  • Team formation: 8 weeks
  • Tech Stack: Net, JS, Angular, C#

Software development for data management is one of the top trends today. And the development team is an essential element because the quality and efficient product depend exactly on the qualifications and experience of engineers. Therefore, many companies invest time and money to find skilled employees. But there is a more effective decision for US companies to open an R&D office in Ukraine and hire highly skilled offshore developers.

About the client

Enterprise Technology & Service Company is the world’s leader in the document and data management industry. During more than 30 years of its presence on the market, it had time to develop three main branches: document management software, data retention automated system, and consulting services.

Having headquarters in the USA and a global presence in more than 100 countries, the company specializes in records of all types, including electronic and physical legal files. It provides a full range of services at every stage, starting with planning and ending with ensuring the further development of the program.

The story

Having launched its activity in 1987, the company needed universal software for document management. Old record management programs couldn’t manage the full life cycle. The need for an effective record management program created a high demand for professional software engineers.

When the client turned to Newxel, they already had a development office in Ukraine. Clearly, they understood that the expertise and professionalism of technical specialists in Ukraine were at the highest level. They knew they would definitely find the required developers here and were clearly following the path of opening another R&D in Ukraine but in another city with a wider talent pool.

When the client contacted us, they were more interested in the legal support from our side. They needed 2 developers, and it was important to close the legal issues in Ukraine. However, we presented our comprehensive approach to the formation of the development team and explained that we provide not only legal support but also cover all issues related to the recruitment and adaptation of developers, equip an office for their team in Kyiv, take care of the administrative routine and support of the team, thereby relieving the client from operational headaches.

It was a new model for the client, and they took a break. They contacted other companies to find the most profitable way and partnership model, and ultimately, exactly a year later, returned to us. It was an incredible indicator for us — that we were able to convey our unique idea of partnership, which suited the client and matching their core culture & values.

And so, for more than 2 years, we have been successfully building trustful partnership relations. At the moment, the client’s team consists of 9 developers and is constantly growing and developing.

A key goal is to scale up

Having created the first office in Ukraine, Enterprise Technology & Service Company decided to enlarge the development team in Ukraine. Such a plan requires additional working areas and responsibilities. The geographical position of a client excludes any physical participation in organizational issues in Kyiv. So that it works 100%, the client needs to recruit a team of professionals to establish all work processes and solve all legal and accounting issues.

Newxel’s approach

We started the recruitment process by searching and hiring 2 software engineers. Actually, it’s one of the most successful cases in terms of recruitment speed. The success was guaranteed by the client’s availability, who was always in touch, gave feedback about each candidate shortly, and conducted technical interviews without delay. This helped us find a necessary expert in a short time and start cooperation instantly.

After a close-knit tech team was formed in Kyiv under the direct control and support of Newxel, the client decided this model 100% suits them. They would like us to support the 1st office in Ukraine according to the same principle.  Now, the 1st R&D office of the client in Ukraine functions and flourishes at the highest level thanks to the account manager, admin staff, and HR team from Newxel, who made colossal efforts to make it real. 

We are incredibly glad that we showed the proper level of services and that the client entrusted us with the full support of his offices and teams in Ukraine.

Services covered by Newxel

  • Searching and hiring required developers in Ukraine;
  • Office organization and workspace;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Administration of two client’s offices in Ukraine;
  • Account management, which keeps the client informed on what’s going on in his team;
  • HR support: onboarding candidates, feedbacks, individual meetings, training, etc.;
  • Accounting, payroll, and tax payment;
  • The solution to all legal issues.

The Newxel model is simple and effective – the client manages a team in Ukraine, achieving positive results, and Newxel controls all issues concerning recruitment and work organization.

Technical background

HTML, CSS; ASP .Net, C#, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks: jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap; MS SQL, Oracle.

  • Industry: IT & Services
  • Country: The USA
  • Offshore team size: 9
  • Work with Newxel: 2+ year
  • Team formation: 8 weeks
  • Tech Stack: Net, JS, Angular, C#
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