Development Team for Global Process Automation Company

  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Geo: Worldwide
  • Team formation: 7 weeks
  • Tech Stack: Java 8, JS, Microservices

The team currently consists of 7 talented software developers who work as a single mechanism with the client’s HQ team in Germany. After contacting 4+ software development companies in Ukraine and visiting all of them personally, they decided to partner with Newxel to create a team of first-class programmers and reduce expenses.

About the Client

Global Process Automation Company has established itself as a flexible and professional company in the computer software industry. Company headquarters are located in Germany, and offices are scattered in the USA, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Great Britain. Operating for 27 years in the market, the company offers quality engineering and development of technologies that automate processes, exempting companies from manual and routine tasks. It specializes mainly in enterprise, business, IT process automation, robotic process automation, report distribution, and RoboFinance.

The Story

The client needed an extended team in connection with active demand for the software. The company was looking for strong senior specialists with certain technical skills and SaaS working experience. But there were no such developers in Germany, Netherlands, and Great Britain.

Therefore, the client started looking towards other countries, where there are more experienced developers. The choice was made in favor of Ukraine. After analyzing the market and contacting the other 4 companies, the Global Process Automation Company understood that Ukraine has many specialists with the necessary skills and adequate rates.

The client visited several companies that provide Dedicated Development Team services after arriving in Ukraine. There was also a meeting with Newxel representatives, who provided all details about each service, revealed the model, and made the client’s road map to understand what he will get next. After a long analysis, consultations with lawyers, and 10 months of negotiations, the client had accepted the cooperation offered by Newxel, which can resolve all issues concerning hiring developers and organization of teamwork.

Key Goals

Global Process Automation Company was planning to expand the development team for creating new products, improving current solutions, introducing new ones, and achieving significant goals. In other words – hire developers, i.e., skilled software engineers with experience of 5 and more years, who, besides effective software development, have high motivation and innovative approach, understanding the company’s values and sharing common goals with it.

It is important to get one powerful team and save costs. And Newxel is exactly the company that can create such teams in a short time from scratch.

Newxel’s Approach

Newxel has been cooperating with the Global Process Automation Company for about 2 years. And for this period, it has created trusting relations and a strong client team consisting of 7 specialized experts.

Due to the pandemic, the clients’ company was forced to work remotely. Newxel keeps solving all hiring and organizational issues while the client manages a team in Ukraine, achieving significant results without organizational distractions. Among the advantages of Newxel, there is humanity and openness, being basic elements for a constructive partnership.

Services Covered by Newxel

Searching and hiring required developers in Ukraine is the most important service offered by Newxel. But there are other essential services provided within the model:

  • organization offices and workspace;
  • purchase of equipment;
  • administration of two client’s offices in Ukraine;
  • account management: the client always knows what is going on in his team;
  • remote support;
  • HR support: onboarding candidates, feedbacks, one to one meetings, training, etc.;
  • payroll and payment of taxes;
  • the solution to all legal issues.

Technical Background

Java 8, JavaScript; Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, REST, SOAP, Microservices, Angular; Application/Web-servers: WebSphere, Tomcat; VCS: SVN, Git; Test engines: Junit, Mockito, Selenium.

  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Geo: Worldwide
  • Team formation: 7 weeks
  • Tech Stack: Java 8, JS, Microservices
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