Dedicated Development Team for Carbyne

  • Industry: Emergency communication solutions
  • Country: USA
  • Max R&D size: 5
  • Start of partnership: 2021

About the Client

Carbyne is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in emergency response solutions. They develop and provide innovative software and platforms designed to enhance emergency communication and streamline response processes, ultimately improving public safety and crisis management.

Carbyne is the most secure and interactive NG911 cloud native communications platform for mission-critical contact centers.

The story of our collaboration

In 2021, Carbyne and Newxel forged a valuable partnership.

When we at Newxel had our first contact with Carbyne in 2021, the client already had a small development team in Ukraine. However, it was the perfect moment because they were about to scale said team.

At Carbyne, they were attracted by the diverse potential of the Ukrainian tech market, but the client desired an even more robust team to enhance their operations. The goal was laid out ambitiously – to swiftly enlarge this team and strengthen it with omni expertise.

Our journey commenced with the efficient hiring of a rare gem – a real-time communication software engineer – who began to function in the role by early March of 2022.

Building on this success, we continued recruitment efforts, securing 2 DevOps experts, 1 AQA specialist, and a versatile full-stack developer proficient in Java, Scala, and Angular. Despite facing challenges due to a lack of required expertise, specifically RTC engineers, Carbyne together with Newxel adapted, managing to find and hire a top-tired specialist in Ukraine. Moreover, our client, with the example of his own team, was convinced that Ukrainian developers could work effectively even in war conditions, and Newxel, as the vendor, could arrange all the conditions for this.

The partnership between Carbyne, Newxel, and the team flourished thanks to exceptional communication, solid leadership, innovative technologies, and outstanding benefits. The team found a supportive and caring environment, fostering high retention rates and unwavering loyalty. Remarkably, Carbyne demonstrated their commitment to both the partnership and societal welfare by generously granting their life-saving software to the Ukrainian state emergency service.

This partnership stands as a testament to the potential for collaboration in the face of adversity, showcasing Carbyne and Newxel’s joint ability to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional outcomes.


We are extremely happy with Carbyne and Newxel’s cooperation and mutual work. Newxel is a real partner in our journey! It is our pleasure to have excellent and dedicated employees such as we have from Newxel. Our developers in Ukraine are integral to our development team, they work in different teams and each contributes to our system’s success.

Gal Shulman

Service covered by Newxel for Carbyne

Newxel is always ready to go the extra mile in terms of the services we provide to our clients. Here is what we covered for Carbyne:

  • Team hiring and contracting
  • Onboarding and adaptation period support
  • People Management
  • Workplace maintenance and management
  • IT support and maintenance
  • Legal and financial services
  • Benefits & Facilities services
  • Industry: Emergency communication solutions
  • Country: USA
  • Max R&D size: 5
  • Start of partnership: 2021
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