Professional Services Team for AlgoSec

  • Industry: Cybersecurity
  • Country: Israel
  • Team size: 3
  • Start of partnership: 2022

About the client

Our client, AlgoSec, is a global leader in the cybersecurity industry and the #1 enterprise network security provider trusted by over 1,800 organizations. They empower organizations to secure application connectivity by automating connectivity flows and security policies. 

The story of collaboration with AlgoSec

In 2022, a promising collaboration between Newxel and a renowned technology firm was born. AlgoSec was actively seeking new talent to expand their team of deployment engineers. They required three to four professionals with expertise in specific technologies.

Prompted by this challenge, the dedicated recruiters at Newxel began their quest to discover the right candidates across the Turkish market, a new frontier for both Newxel and AlgoSec.

The gamble paid off. Within a month, Newxel successfully hired and onboarded the first specialist. This achievement marked the beginning of a flourishing collaboration, which ultimately turned into a team of three top-tiered deployment specialists. 

AlgoSec’s satisfaction was not limited to the expertise their Turkish team brought. They were equally impressed by Newxel’s seamless services and communication. The team, meanwhile, was happy with the corporate culture, management’s supportive approach, and a work-life balance that surpassed expectations. This multinational alliance thrived on mutual respect and smooth collaboration.

However, the path was not without its challenges. Navigating the intricacies of the Turkish market — which involved employment dynamics, legislation, tax policies, online payment modalities exclusive to Turkish bank cards, and complex logistics — was a steep learning curve for Newxel as a service provider.

Moreover, the insistence on English proficiency posed a certain hiring challenge. While it required great effort, it ultimately ensured that the chosen specialists met the high standards set by AlgoSec.

The partnership between Newxel and AlgoSec envisions further team scaling. 

The success story of this unprecedented cooperation serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the courage to embrace new opportunities on the horizon.

‘It’s an honor for Newxel to collaborate with AlgoSec. In our globalized world, where growth and speed are paramount, strategic partnerships are essential to navigate talent shortages and international complexities. Our joint venture exemplifies the power of synergy and innovation, crafting a dedicated team in a new market. This success story showcases our commitment, market knowledge with its specifics, and adaptability. We’ve not only found talent; we’ve built a shared vision, bridging gaps and paving the way for future successes in the face of challenges.’

Andrii Bezruchko

Services provided by Newxel

Our services are a reflection of the client’s wishes. For AlgoSec, this resulted in the provision of the following services and based on collaboration with AlgoSec’s HR team and Managers:

  • Team hiring and contracting
  • Onboarding and adaptation period support
  • People management that includes support for all HR-related matters:

– regular 1:1 meetings to check satisfaction with work conditions and engagement

– feedback exchange with the direct manager

– team review upon request (cross feedback, 360-degree assessment)

– paid time off management

– support for retention, salary review, and promotion (upon request)

  • Equipment purchase
  • Workplace maintenance and management – when needed, we provide employees with additional equipment required for comfortable work from a home office (e.g., chairs, lamps). We can also provide a coworking workspace by individual request.
  • IT support and maintenance
  • Legal and financial services
  • Benefits and facilities services
  • Business trip organization – Newxel takes over all processes involving ticket and hotel booking, travel insurance, visa, and other travel document support (at the cost of the client)
  • Industry: Cybersecurity
  • Country: Israel
  • Team size: 3
  • Start of partnership: 2022
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