Why Remote Development is the Best Option Now Than Ever Before?

2020 has become a year of challenges for everyone, especially for business owners. This is a time of big changes when we can divide our life on “before and after.”

Unfortunately, due to the latest events related to Covid-19, most of the companies have barely survived the lockdown period. Working remotely was not an option for some businesses, and the quarantine took a serious toll on them.

Those product companies who could switch from traditional in-house work to remote employment and give their employees the advantage of working at home (or at least to work part-time) had more chances to get over this tough period.

As we have to get used to the new world we live in today, it’s important to  adjust businesses to a new reality. The tendency for remote web development workforce will keep growing, and company owners or managers have to pay closer attention to it. Here is why a remote international workplace group will be a perfect solution for a business in the current situation.

Why Companies Should Choose Remote Development in 2021?

If previously companies and startups have chosen to outsource development or hire a development team offshore to save costs, today, this is more of a necessity to save the business and to thrive. Down below, you will find the main benefits of hiring remote developers.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Web Development Team

Today, the need and demand for distributed development for software are enormous. Check some benefits of outsourcing a workforce that will help a company stay on top during this challenging time.

Quick Project Start

Collaborating with a remote development company will save your time and let your business start working with your remote development team on a project within a few weeks. There is no need to deal with the time-consuming recruitment process and spend time on HR routine or on office infrastructure. All of these duties can be covered by the remote provider.

A dedicated team of remote recruiters will select the best industry professionals based on your specific requirements and project needs. Once it’s done, it will be already possible to meet the team, distribute tasks, and set up goals to begin the development processes as soon as possible.

Lower Costs

This will be the most cost-effective option that will be perfect for small to medium businesses, as well as for startups. It will enable a business owner or a representative to save the budget and still get quality services.

Remote development teams possess the same skills and knowledge that will cost you less.

Large Pool of Professionals

You will be able to access a large talent pool from all over the world. Why limit yourself to local software engineers if you can hire an expert with any skills and experience needed. No matter how challenging and difficult your project is, it’s possible to find a professional who will provide you the top-notch service.

Easy Communication

There are a lot of professionals available in the market from different countries who are ready to offer remote services. Options are immense, but more and more people are opting for remote development in Ukraine, as this is a solution that any business will consider suitable.

The cultural differences are minimal, and it is easy to communicate with employees as they all are fluent in English. For example, here at NEWXEL, recruiters will quickly gather a team of software engineers, help you establish effective communication, and ensure that everything runs smoothly so that you can work together on a project.

Easy Team Coordination and Control

Modern technologies allow you to coordinate and control the performance of an offshore development team as effectively as you would do this with developers in one office. If there’s a need to control everything, just connect with a team any time you want and track the progress.
But don’t forget regular communication with your team will help to lead the project better and to get great results eventually.

Ability to Get Ready for Remote Future

Our world is going through serious transformations. Most likely, the temporary decision to switch to a remote work culture will become mainstream. By adopting it earlier, a company will be able to get ready for the remote future which is ahead of us. It will be a chance to see how everything works and is organized, try out all the benefits, and, eventually, to choose remote employees instead of an in-house team.

How to Effectively Manage a Remote Development Team

Here are some important things to bear in mind, if you are wondering how to manage a team of remote professional workers.

Build Loyal Connections with Each Remote Employee

Communication is the key to success. The first thing to do will be to establish connections with each of a remote development team. Learn more about them to build loyal and long-lasting relationships as you do with local employees. It will shorten the emotional distance between colleagues and managers, so they can collaborate together smoothly and generate great results together. If possible, meet a remote team in person and arrange a team-building activity.

Be Clear with Tasks and Goals

Setting clear and achievable goals is probably the most important thing to make remote developer’s management simple. Once you come up with a clear strategy, plan, and write down goals to achieve, so a team will understand what needs to be done. Setting deadlines is also crucial to help a team complete everything on time. Provide each team member with clear task requirements and try to be as specific as possible to let them get the company’s needs and ideas right away. If an offshore employee needs your help, you should answer messages, emails promptly, or schedule calls to make everything clear.

Schedule Regular Online Meetings

It is important to schedule regular online meetings to make the monitoring process more efficient and track the progress. You can do it once or a few times per week, but it will give you a clear understanding of what tasks are already done. Usually, the lack of communication is one of the key reasons for a project’s failure. If you hire remote development team, there will be no place for unclarity in project details. You will be able to discuss everything directly and make sure you all are on the same page. It is also a great chance to maintain friendly and trustworthy relationships with overseas colleagues who are also a part of your business.

Use Team Management Software

There are plenty of software tools that make communication with remote employees and managing their performance a piece of cake. Technologies are called to leverage your partnership and get the most of it. Look for the convenient communication tools that enable you to exchange messages and images with workers, as well as to have phone or video calls.

Speaking of task management, some software options allow you to easily assign tasks with specific requirements to a certain team member. The software also enables you to monitor how much time they spend on each task and track the progress in general.

Don’t Forget to Reward Employees

Remote workers are still a part of a team. You shouldn’t forget about rewarding them as you do it for your in-house employees. It will demonstrate that you appreciate their effort, so they will be eager to work even better than before.

So, as you can see, remote development is at the peak of its popularity. You can start working with a development team or give an experiment job a try today and be certain that all tasks will be completed by qualified professionals who know and love what they do.

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