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Custom game development is a common practice in the gaming industry, as evidenced by outsourcing. Developing games can be quite costly, but it becomes affordable when a business outsources its gaming project. Besides, outsourcing of mobile game development presents various benefits, including a broad range of alternatives.

There’re 3 common ways to outsource game dev services. By choosing the right approach, a business ensures that it completes its gaming project effectively. That said, here are the three ways to outsource the development of your game.

Mobile Game Development Outsourcing Company

Mobile game development outsourcing studio is an outside company that offers professional game development services. Compared to hiring and maintaining an in-house development team, outsourcing your project to a game development company or harnessing TaaS cooperation model is quite cost-effective. Besides, contracting such a firm for support with your game gives you access to the top-notch technical competence of game engineers, designers, and programmers.

Freelance Game Developers

Freelance game developers are self-employed programmers/ coders, not committed to a specific employer. However, some are represented by companies/ agencies that resell their gaming experience and skills to clients. No matter your location, you can find qualified freelance game development experts within the budget to assist your project.

Open Own Game Development Studio Abroad

The third way to outsource game development is to open a game development studio offshore. This process is known as outstaffing and is an excellent approach to game development. Offshore development center benefits allow you to hire the required game engine programmers remotely and manage them while an outstaffing partner hires them and supports your remote team during a long-term cooperation cycle.

It is hassle-free of working with a game development team since the outstaffing partner takes care of all employee needs. These include recruitment, office space, taxes, etc. Before choosing such a vendor for this service, evaluate the types of tools they use, their case studies in game development, and other essential considerations.

Budgeting and Scheduling Your Game Development Effectively

How much does it cost to outsource mobile game development roles and responsibilities? Depending on location, surveys reveal that mobile game development costs anywhere between $20,000 and $250,000. To calculate the cost, you tally the expenses on the game development team, tools, and software. That’s said, here is a breakdown of the costs of game development based on complexity.

Mini-Games – S3,000 to $20,000

Simple games such as Ping Pong clones will require any amount close to the lower end of this range to make. When developing them from nothing, the price could go well over $10,000. A never-ending and straightforward game with modest visualization requirements, e.g., flappy bird, can be created with a budget falling on the lower end of this range.

If you have big expectations from your game, make a point of setting a budget of at least $10,000. It is quite rare for a mobile game to succeed if it has limited in several aspects.

Simple 2D Casual Games – $20,000 to $60,000

Many small budget games will require any cost within this range to develop. It is an affordable price to pay if you want a functional game that can be monetized. Products created with a budget within this range are often quite decent and present a better chance of fostering engagement and going commercial.

Mid-level Mobile Games – $60,000 to $120, 000

With a budget within these limits, businesses can easily improve any existing and renowned games. Products that cost this much offer more content-wise (levels, narrative, characters). Moreover, they have excellent visuals.

Such advancements make these games more replayable and appealing to many users. They also make these games more engaging, gluing users to them over long moments. The budgets for the early version of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope probably fall close to this range’s top end.

High-level Mobile Games – $120,000 to $250,000

Experienced professionals with excellent knowledge of technical terms, access to sophisticated resources, and excellent testing frameworks develop this caliber of games. These products require huge capital and are very detailed. The design is on point, thanks to hours spent on design and organization.

Also, given the development process’s keenness, these products take anywhere between one and two years to create.

What Is the True Cost to Outsource Game Development?

These figures are only approximate. The actual cost of the game development team will depend on the team size, software engineers’ salary, stack, equipment needed for your game development team offshore, etc. Understanding the gaming product you have in mind beforehand is key in determining the costs that your business will incur.

How Can You Protect Data and IP Rights?

Since agreements are often subject to changes, it is always an excellent idea to protect your data and intellectual property (IP). To do this, the first thing you have to do is to ensure that you can contact the authorities in the outsourcing partner’s country transparently.

That said, here are some practical ways to protect your IP:

  • Avoid filing patents to ward off cunny developers;
  • Have fast and relentless innovation cycles to make it hard for competitors to catch up;
  • Separate teams and responsibilities;
  • Consider open-sourcing your product while retaining proprietary aspects;
  • Avoid joint ownership;
  • Store manuscripts and other data safely using identity and access management solutions;
  • Have binding Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Publish widely, and take credit.

6 Easy Steps to Outsource Mobile Game Development

Game development is a lucrative market provided you create something new and exciting that customers will want to try out. In recent years, mobile game development using outsourcing much more often because it offers affordability and convenience. When outsourcing your game development process, ensuring you get a quality app is critical.

Learning more about your prospective offshore development partner is, therefore, paramount. You also have to be aware of the process to follow not to waste your budget and time. Generally, when you are outsourcing app development, you should follow these eight essential steps:

Preliminary Research

You likely have an idea of what you want before you even approach a potential game development outsourcing partner. A description of this idea will help the developer come up with a quote for you. While you want to get your budget’s worth, don’t just go with the cheapest offer. Compare different offers from potential partners and go with the one that best understands/fits your needs.

Checking the Partner’s Infrastructure and Equipment

Make a point of checking your offshore mobile game developer’s equipment and infrastructure. A well-established company will definitely have the latest technologies and tools for game development. Their game studio should have tools for designing, development, and testing. The right equipment, coupled with highly-experienced game developers, will result in top-quality apps.

Coming Up with a Plan for the Project

Now that you have a team, create a comprehensive plan that includes the project’s description, milestones/ stages, and goals. You can hold discussions with your new team to generate new ideas and find ways of achieving your goals. These discussions can also help identify reusable code that the developers may have to in speedy development. Frequent communication through calls and video conferencing can also help solve any emerging issues.

Drawing up a Contract Detailing All Specifics

A contract between you and the outsourcing partner will ensure everyone keeps their end of the deal. It is especially paramount in protecting you from unbudgeted costs later on. Ensure the document covers everything from the game concept, tools to be uses, app testing, deadlines, and data protection. Most importantly, ensure that you understand all the technical terms used to know what you are signing.

Collaborative Development

Once all the preliminaries have been covered, game development can begin. This stage is perhaps the most important in the entire process, as it is when your app starts to come alive. Even though the outsourced team will work remotely, it maintains a collaborative relationship with your in-house team. The developers will provide updates upon completion of each stage to keep you abreast with the development process.

Once all the preliminaries have been covered, game development can begin. This stage is perhaps the most important in the entire process, as it is when your app starts to come alive. Even though the outsourced team will work remotely, it maintains a collaborative relationship with your in-house team. The developers will provide updates upon completion of each stage to keep you abreast with the development process.

Adequate Testing During and After App Development

Testing is a crucial part of game development, not just at the end but at every milestone of the development process. A professional and experienced game development partner will have the skills and infrastructure to conduct adequate testing. Testing helps pinpoint any bugs/ issues that need addressing before the app goes into the market. Therefore, going with the right development partner is paramount if your game is to function seamlessly once launched.

Open and Grow Your Game Dev Studio in Ukraine in 2020

If you’re looking to establish an offshore game development team/ studio, Ukraine offers one of Europe’s best destinations. It provides a vast pool of skilled game developers, rates are much lower, and most IT specialists possess good English skills. These benefits are what have attracted top companies to outsource their software development needs in the country. Some well-known development companies that outsource to Ukraine include Silicon Studio, Storm8, Wargaming, Travian Games, among others.

In conclusion, outsourcing your game development can be budget-friendly, time-saving, and safe. You just need to select which type of outsourcing you want and familiarize yourself with the steps discussed here. Are you looking to hire mobile game developers offshore? In Newxel, you can get professional help opening your game studio in Ukraine and eventually growing it into an R&D center.

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