How to Hire an Embedded Software Developer for a US Healthcare Company

Along with the development of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things arrived embedded system development. Moreover, with the increase of extremely infectious diseases in recent years, the growing need to utilize embedded systems in innovative technology in healthcare grew tremendously in 2021.

Hire Embedded Developer

While many US companies are currently searching for professional embedded system developers, the statistics say there are not enough qualified experts in the US market to meet the needs.

So what are the solutions? In this article, we will explain how to hire embedded developers and why it is better to choose Newxel how to hire embedded developers to do so. So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Embedded System Healthcare Market in the US

The trend to implement digital transformation has influenced not only Europe but the US health market. During the harsh years of COVID-19, a growing need for diagnosis and prognosis has occurred, leading to the development of tools for such purposes.

The embedded systems in healthcare are commonly used for PET scans, CPAP machines, CT scans, glucose monitors, MRIs, smart hospital beds, and various other biomedical sensors. Such embedded healthcare solutions allow doctors to monitor patients’ health, as well as make diagnoses remotely.

While healthcare communities are increasing awareness of healthcare software development, most American companies are pushing for changes and developing such software.

  1. HS Design

HS Design is an award-winning American company that develops embedded medical devices. With the help of embedded software systems, along with medical engineering and electrical engineering, HSD has already managed to deliver services for different medical companies, such as radiography systems, wearable command centers, protective equipment masks, and others.

  1. Ventec Life Systems 

Ventec Life Systems is known as one of the top-rated US medical technology companies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company integrated devices such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, suctions, and nebulizers (VOCSN) into one respiratory system. Thanks to embedded software technology, Ventec is currently delivering over 10,000 ventilators per month, as well as developing over 700 individual parts for VOCSN.

  1. AMC Health 

This New York-based medical device company specializes in VR healthcare solutions. As a response to COVID-19, AMC Health has announced a telehealth interactive voice response device for virtual healthcare.

As you can see, top healthcare companies in the USA tend to use embedded software for all types of medical purposes. And for such an important market as healthcare, hiring professionals, such as embedded developers, is essential when it comes to implementing innovations and delivering successful products. So who are they, and how exactly do they work?

Who Are Embedded Developers?

When it comes to IoT development, it’s a complex task that requires highly professional, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary developers to perform the task. That’s when embedded software developers come to the rescue.

They don’t focus on the code lines — instead, they’re working with data and algorithms, planning to make a physically assembled device work. As a result, embedded developers have impeccable skills in hardware design as well as a clear understanding of project tasks.

Types of Embedded Software

All embedded development software can be classified into four types:

  1. Linux — this type of operating system is quite popular among embedded system developers because of its open-source system with customizable kernels.
  2. Bare metal — this is the most basic type of system which doesn’t require an operating system to perform the job.
  3. RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) — this software is developed for use in real-time systems.
  4. Networking — this type of software involves designing and managing network stacks.

Requirements for Embedded Developers

In order for an engineer to become a successfully embedded developer, they need to have certain skills in a variety of technologies and languages. In addition, they must have a certain expertise in prototype design, hardware testing, software architecture, and system integration.

In other words, an expert embedded developer for healthcare software needs to have complex skills and possess solid hardware knowledge to provide high-quality services to US healthcare companies. These skills include:

  • Embedded C/C++
  • Linux operating system
  • Real-time Operating Systems
  • Microcontrollers and microprocessors architectures
  • Knowledge of basic protocols
  • Software optimization skills
  • Debugging skills
  • Understanding of embedded system design patterns
  • Python
  • Basic knowledge of IoT
  • RISC-V

Soft Skills

Apart from technical skills, every embedded software engineer should possess the following soft skills:

  • Communication
  • Deductive logic
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management
  • Teamwork
  • Patience

Difficulties of Hiring an Embedded Developer

Professional and skilled embedded developers have always been in high demand. However, it is quite tough to find one in the current times.

The particular reason for this circumstance is that many embedded software engineer job positions require in-person work or office work — the types of jobs being avoided by many American developers in the midst of the pandemic.

In addition, most embedded developers aren’t willing to change their place of work, the field of development, or even master new technologies for the new job offering.

Moreover, when CEOs of healthcare companies are searching for experts in embedded software engineering, they should be aware of their specifics and understand how to evaluate their skills. In order to do so, powerful recruiting expertise should be connected.

Embedded Developers: Ukraine vs. the USA

Ukraine has a well-developed technology sector — from developers to QAs, the Ukrainian talent pool is immersive. Additionally, the salaries are relatively low compared to the American engineers market.

According to Payscale and Glassdoor, the average annual embedded software engineer salary in Ukraine is $54,000. For comparison, the average salary for an embedded software engineer in the USA is $110,000 per year.

While the US market may offer a wider talent pool compared to the Ukrainian market, the most important goal of every employee is to make their project cost-effective and successful.

Compared to other Eastern European countries, Ukraine has over 147,000 results, where 57,000 are C/C++ programmers. And by typing “embedded software engineer” into LinkedIn, an employer will easily find almost 4,000 professionals with at least 1-2 years of experience.

Why Hire in Ukraine?

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the most significant advantages you receive by hiring a Ukrainian embedded developer is cost savings. However, there are other benefits as well:

  • A dedicated and managed embedded team — the engineers will fully dedicate their work to the designated project and focus on implementing your business ideas and making them prosper.
  • Suitable time zone — Ukraine is located in the GMT+3 time zone, making it easy for any American healthcare client to coordinate with the team and deliver tasks.
  • Skilled and talented engineers — Ukrainian embedded developers have skills and years of practice in C/C++, Python, C#, and other languages.

The Newxel Case: Celeno

The Israeli company Celeno approached Newxel in order to provide them with embedded developers with the necessary technical skills, level of expertise, and passion for the project to help Celeno fulfill its goals.

The client’s goal was to improve the usability of Wi-Fi and offer a high-speed wireless connection. Celeno, which already had an impressive global presence, wanted to expand its capabilities and create high-tech Wi-Fi solutions.

For that purpose, the client required developers as well as QA specialists who could effectively implement the client’s request.

Newxel immediately began recruiting and managed to hire 4 QA specialists, expanding the team to 15 people in two months (QA specialists and Linux Kernel embedded developers).

With the hired developers, Celeno opened an R&D center in Ukraine. Now, our successful partnership continues to blossom, as we’ve built a trusting relationship over the past three years.

Newxel — The Best Place to Hire Embedded Developers

Since 2016, Newxel has been helping businesses worldwide implement their ideas and goals with the help of Ukrainian embedded specialists.

Our company is trusted by global companies, as well as startups, not only because of years of practice but our unique approach to every company’s success. We carefully analyze your goals and objectives and strive to provide you with top-notch professionals who can improve your software and deliver prosperous embedded medical software on the marketplace.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you build your perfect team that will be fully dedicated to your embedded software so that your business is cost-effective and thriving.

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