Game Development Team for Mobile Gaming Company

Newxel dedicated all efforts to create a team of top-class software developers with an efficient workflow. Newxel keeps supporting the team in Ukraine and helping extend the offshore R&D department to build a game product and create solutions for mobile app development


Development Team for US-based company

Software development for data management is one of the top trends today. And the development team is an essential element because the quality and efficient product depend exactly on the qualifications and experience of engineers. Therefore, many companies invest time and money to find skilled employees. But there is a more effective decision for US companies to open an R&D office in Ukraine and hire highly skilled offshore developers.


Development Team for Global Process Automation Company

The team currently consists of 7 talented software developers who work as a single mechanism with the client’s HQ team in Germany. After contacting 4+ software development companies in Ukraine and visiting all of them personally, they decided to partner with Newxel to create a team of first-class programmers and reduce expenses. (more…)

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