Hire top-notch Java developers in Ukraine entrusting all the routines to Newxel

Need to Hire
Java Developer?

In this case, you are on the crest of the wave! Java development is a real trend in Ukraine in 2021. Java programmers, like hotcakes, ‘sell out’ instantly. And we can attract the best of their kind to your project.

Tips & Tricks
We Keep in Mind
  • Java engineers are in great demand in the market, and they know about it
  • Competition against employers is tough enough
  • High competition for talent gives cause an increase in developer rates
  • Hiring should be as fast as possible so that competitors do not intercept the best candidates
Hiring a Java developer
takes 2-3 weeks from Newxel
The average Java programmer
salary in Ukraine is $4,2K — $5K
Additional Skills

Additional Skills to Expect From Java Developers

  • Web: Spring framework, Hibernate
  • Data: Hadoop
  • Server: Amazon Web Services, Google cloud platform, SQL, NoSQL
  • Testing: code autotests; test-driving development
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Our Recruitment

Our Recruitment Process

Clarifying your
In-depth market research to
find the
best candidates
Pre-screen interviews with
top candidates
Tech interviews with those
you approve
an offer
Consider Newxel

Consider Newxel Your Trusted Partner When Hire Java Developers in Ukraine

Over the years, our large team of top-notch recruiters has developed their work strategies to attract the right candidates. We can highlight the critical needs of our clients during the first conversation and formulate this into transparent, correct requirements for candidates that engage only the right specialists.

By choosing Newxel as your robust IT partner, you can harness all of the benefits we offer.

Service Flexibility
The process of opening the R&D office that we handle for our clients is totally flexible and traceable. This allows us to offer each client a top-notch custom approach that meets all of their needs and requirements.
Overall Transparency
Trust is the best foundation for the partnership, so we build and keep the processes simple, clear & transparent. The information on the course of the project is available; updates are timely; all of the issues are addressed in good time.
Top-notch Recruitment
Our tech recruitment experts find & hire required software developers in a record time of 3-5 weeks.
Client’s Scalability
Remote R&D center that we open for our clients, becomes their development site with a team of software engineers located in Ukraine or other European country as a full-fledged part of business. This gives them a convenient way to expand their presence around the world with full control over the business.


Our clients entrust us the most essential thing in any business — human resources — and we never let them down.

They produce very good results and are extremely professional. Newxel’s efforts have consistently met the mark. Customers can expect a dedicated team that’s both knowledgeable and reliable.

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Newxel successfully scaled up the engineering team. The hiring process was very efficient and the code quality was excellent. The project was very well managed.

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Since September 2016, we’ve been working with Newxel’s development team. The team was formed in 4 weeks, and now we have 10 developers managed by our CTO. We are delighted with the service that Newxel provides and are planning to expand our team in the future. I can recommend Newxel as a partner that understands the client’s needs and can help you successfully integrate a remote team into your business.

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It is a pleasure to work with Newxel. They managed to hire all the needed resources in the short term. We started with one developer as a pilot project, and now we have a team of 5 engineers. Guys are really highly skilled. I can recommend them as a partner who can provide good service and can handle all issues.

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Having massive work to be done, we were trying to find a decision that could help us develop our solution. This decision appeared to be a Newxel’s model — Dedicated Development Team. Newxel managed to not only find needed resources quickly but also free us from the candidates’ selection process (that really takes a lot of time). We had the ability to interview suitable candidates and then choose the best ones. Now our R&D consists of 2 teams (12 engineers), and it isn’t shared with other projects. I’m sure our partnership will be long-lasting.

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