Site Reliability Engineer for Cloud Based DWH Startup


  • 5+ years of hands-on experience as a DevOps SRE engineer
  • 3+ years of experience with distributed systems running on AWS
  • 2+ years of production experience with Kubernetes including using open source solutions from the eco-system
  • 5+ years of experience with Linux, as well as TCP/IP, HTTP, and other common network protocols
  • 2+ years of experience with “Infrastructure as a code” tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Terraform, Pulumi, or similar
  • 2+ years of experience managing Databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Couchbase, MongoDB, or similar
  • Strong skills in shell scripting
  • Skills with at least one of general-purpose languages such as Golang, Python, Ruby, Java, Rust, C# or NodeJS
  • Strong skills with a variety of monitoring and alerting tools
  • A passion for learning, developing, monitoring, and provisioning systems that perform well at scale
  • Strong attention to detail and quality control

Will be a plus

  • GitHub account
  • BS/Master degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
  • AWS professional certification or similar
  • CKA certification or similar
  • Understanding of application security in a cloud environment
  • Experience with CockroachDB and/or FoundationDB and/or Apache Pulsar
  • Strong Kubernetes skills, experience with modern CNIs, volume plugins, security, operators, service meshes, ingresses, and K8s ecosystem
  • Experience with CNCF and CD foundation projects


  • Develop and extend our multi-regional multi-tenancy Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Take part in the definition of our R&D ecosystem and ALM
  • Provide solutions using open source technologies, fork, create PRs to upstream and develop missing tools from scratch where needed
  • Design, build and maintain a highly available 24/7 cloud infrastructure of a high-scale Data Warehouse SaaS product
  • Be a part of a DevOps team, taking part in on-call duties

What we offer

  • A professional environment with great people to work with
  • Opportunities to make a difference, to develop and grow
  • Direct cooperation with the customer
  • Compensation of the tax payments
  • Health insurance

Tech stack 

  • Terraform as part of the application, dynamically provision AWS accounts, network infrastructure, and workloads in reaction to clients activity
  • The infrastructure is managed as code with Terraform/Kops/Helm and services are monitored using Prometheus Thanos Grafana and Loki
  • CI/CD is handled by a combination of CircleCI and ArgoCD in GitOps fashion to test and deploy code to production
  • The SQL core teams work with C++
  • Backend teams work with Go, Python, Rust in order to create gRPC microservices exposing REST APIs and GraphQL interface
  • CockroachDB, FoundationDB, Temporal, and Kafka as application infrastructure Our frontend teams work with TypeScript, React, Redux + Apollo

About the project

Firebolt is a major shake-up to the cloud data warehouse industry. They have built the fastest, most scalable, and most hardware-efficient cloud data warehouse in the market. By far company has proven incredible market fit, turned the most data-forward companies from amazing design partners into paying customers, raised $37M in the recent round A, and is poised to grow quickly to help companies do with big data what they can’t with Snowflake, Redshift, and the rest.

Job Category: DevOps
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Argentina Brazil Mexico USA

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