Senior Java developer (with Python)

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We are looking for a talented and adaptable Senior Java Developer who thrives in a challenging and ever-changing environment to join an innovative Swedish Automotive project. 

As a Senior Java Developer, you will work at the forefront of technology, utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies like AWS and Microservices to develop innovative solutions and services that keep our customers ahead in the automotive industry.

Does it match?

  • You are a curious, innovative, and analytical problem solver who values teamwork and inclusivity
  • You take ownership of your code, deliver high-quality solutions, and excel in both communication and collaboration
  • Your confidence and bravery make you an essential member of our team


  • Develop cutting-edge solutions and services using Java and Python
  • Utilize AWS technologies (Lambda, CloudFormation, SNS, and SQS)
  • Contribute to maintenance and operations in live environments (ISL)
  • Collaborate on GitHub and ensure code quality
  • Engage in testing and CI/CD processes
  • Adapt to new technologies and embrace challenges


  • Strong experience with AWS (Lambda, Cloudformation, SNS, and SQS)
  • Proficiency in Java (Java 8 and above) and Python
  • Experience in maintenance and operations in live environments (ISL)
  • Git version control expertise
  • Proficiency in testing and CI/CD processes

Will be a plus

  • Experience with Azure (as the team plans to use Azure soon)
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes

What we offer

🌍 Relocation to Sweden: Immerse yourself in Sweden’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture as we provide full support to make your relocation seamless.

🏢 On-site Work: Collaborate with talented engineers and immerse yourself in a stimulating environment.

💰 Financial and Legal Support: We’ve got you covered! You receive comprehensive assistance to ensure a smooth transition.

🚀 Full-Cycle Relocation Assistance: We understand the challenges of moving. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step, ensuring your relocation is hassle-free.

🌞 Seasonal Vacations: Enjoy well-deserved breaks! We value work-life balance and encourage employees to take vacations during the summer and winter holidays.

🌟 Wow Project for Your Resume: Become a part of something extraordinary! Contribute to a groundbreaking project that will impact the automotive industry, enhancing your professional profile.

About the project

Our client is the world’s leading global innovator and operator of connected vehicle services. The vision is to lead the automotive industry into a digital society to connect 100 million vehicles by 2025!

It helps create safe, smart and sustainable mobility solutions for global car brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Subaru.

The client is always curious about the latest tech developments, what suits you, and what ensures a scalable and stable delivery to the customers.  To organize the work at scale, they follow the SAFe, agile framework and subscribe to the Elite Software Performer philosophy of DevSecOps, where each team is a self-contained unit fully responsible for the assets they create.

Join a pioneering digital vehicle services provider with a rich history of connecting 11 million vehicles worldwide!

Job Category: Automotive Java Python
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Relocation Sweden
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