Your Dedicated Development Team Handbook

Dedicated team

A free white paper that will help you understand IT outstaffing market realities in 2021 and make an informed decision on where to go for assembling the best in a class dedicated software development team.


What You Can Learn:

Global Market Overview

We will look at the European software development market under the microscope and look closely at the countries that most often turn to IT staff augmentation services; what makes them do it; which markets they choose, and why exactly.

Developers Salaries Breakdown

The salaries of the developers of the most demanded technical stacks and the nuances of taxation in potential partner countries will be revealed to you.

Countries’ Potential

Since the price is far from the main factor that favors IT staff augmentation, we will reveal each country's working expert potential.

After Reading You Will:


Discover The Future Benchmark

If you consider an IT outstaffing option for your project, this document will serve as an excellent guide to the main directions, with their advantages and disadvantages.


Get The Basis For Calculation

We did our best to provide you with the latest relevant data so that you can roughly estimate the cost of your possible team if to outstaff in different countries.

Understand the market,
find opportunities.


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