Mobile App Development Trends 2020-2021
Oct 21, 2020

Top 12 Mobile App Dev Trends For 2020/2021

Civilization around us is gradually turning into a composite mobile application. With clicks, we manage gadgets, businesses, information, and, ultimately, reality around us. Do you want to have your say in the modern world? Show me your app! Read more
IT Staff Augmentation
Oct 07, 2019

A strong alternative to traditional outsourcing - IT staff augmentation

Some leading companies like Apple, Amazon, Nokia, or Slack do not shy away from outsourcing services, while others prefer to keep the development process, knowledge, and product vision inside the company. And it's quite clear why... Read more
Fintech Trends in 2020
Aug 30, 2019

Global FinTech Predictions in 2020

Fintech industry is experiencing digital transformation, and we’ll soon see it different from what we have now. Read more