global delivery model in software development

Global Delivery Model in Software Development: Benefits, Differences and Reasons to Choose

Since its advent, the global delivery model hasn’t had difficulties gaining traction. It has revolutionized the IT landscape, with many companies eager to adopt it. Software development outsourcing is one of the key factors driving its popularity, allowing technology firms to partner with developers from across the globe. This article focuses on the different types of global IT delivery models, digging deeper into their benefits, […]

extended development team

Consider Main Reasons to Choose Extended Development Team Over Other Models

It’s no secret that software development is a complex process that involves a lot of thinking, analyzing, and planning. While it may seem simple to an established, overstaffed enterprise, some aspects of the project development process, skills, and expertise might not be available within your company’s existing team. In fact, nine in every ten managers have expressed a rising skill gap amidst today’s digital transformation. […]

offshore mobile app development

Offshore Mobile App Development: All Benefits and Considerations You Should Know

Offshore development is now an essential part of the business strategy of most large enterprises, enabling significant cost savings and service improvements. The complexity and speed of change in information technology are increasing. It is only natural that businesses seek to outsource the key tasks of IT services to those with specialized technical and professional skills. People and businesses have always looked for someone who […]

Offshore Development Center

What is Offshore Development Center (ODC): All Benefits and Possible Risks

To keep up with the constantly increasing global IT talent shortage, most companies including large giant tech businesses like Google are turning to outsourcing and outstaffing. According to Statista data, the worldwide outsourcing industry reached 92.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, with Offshore Development Center (ODC) services accounting for a significant portion of that total. It was also discovered that over 80% of the world’s […]

PHP development outsourcing

How to Find Valuable Expertise of Outsource PHP Development

Today, 79% of websites that operate through w3techs use PHP for their back-end. And the PHP programming language was the most popular in 2021, with a market share of 45.43 percent. From Wikipedia, Facebook, Slack, MailChimp, WordPress, Etsy iStock, Spotify, Yahoo, Flickr, and Tumblr among many others, the list of popular organizations that use PHP is endless. Considering the high demand for PHP coding language […]

talent shortage

Explore with Newxel: How to Deal With a Shortage of Software Engineers in 2022

Today, the question is no longer, is there a shortage of software developers in the world, but how to deal with the talent deficit. In December 2020, the global shortage of software developers reached an all-time high, 40 million and experts predict the number will increase to 85.2 million by 2030. What’s more, global companies are likely to lose up to $8.4 trillion in revenues, […]

software developers in eastern europe

5 Reasons To Consider Software Development In Eastern Europe In 2021 and Beyond

Digital technologies have advanced rapidly over the past two decades, changing peoples’ lives forever. Today, over 3 billion people own a smartphone, while 47% of all households in the world own at least one computer. This makes software development a basic need for all industries: finance, accounting, healthcare, education, and more. However, despite the many success stories told by Google, Amazon, and other tech giants, […]

How to hire a developer

Where and How to Hire Offshore Developers in 2021

The United States and other western powers are recognized as world leaders in the technology sector. However, the bulk of US-based businesses face a severe hurdle in the shape of developer scarcity. And similarly, western European countries are struggling to establish a domestic talent pool while keeping development costs down. This is where offshore software developers step in. Today, the offshore software development paradigm is […]

Why hire in Ukraine

Ukrainian Software Developers: 10 Reasons & Benefits to Hire in Ukraine

Over the past few years, Ukraine has made a name for itself as a top outsourcing destination and is even predicted to exceed US$8.4 billion of industry export volume by 2025. But as a savvy specialist, you aren’t going to just take hearsay’s word for it, right? You want to know, exactly, “why Ukraine?” How did the country become among the 5th strongest IT outsourcing/outstaffing […]

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