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Our client is a high-­tech software company specializing in mobile game development. The team harnesses tech innovation to use the latest technologies to build 3D RPG (role-playing games) projects with stellar console-level graphics.


The main team wanted to hire Unity programmers who would help update one of the client’s top-selling projects. They required opening an entire game development studio in Ukraine on a turnkey basis. We suggested opening an R&D center abroad to attract and retain the top game development talent. The client agreed with the train of thought of Newxel and requested a branded office that shares the structure, aesthetic, and corporate culture with the Krakow-based HQ.

The company wanted to hire first a goal-driven and ambitious local team leader, ready to handpick developers and autonomously steer the R&D processes.

About our cooperation

Our first meeting with the client was “the right time, the right place” type of situation. After business development managers connected with the company executives to discuss ideas and requests, we discovered the tech team was eager to update a successful game project and was running short on skilled developers.

Local talent managers struggled to hire top-tier programmers in Poland — skilled Unity developers were either employed by the client or working at other companies. To quickly close Unity development and other tech job openings, the company chose to explore the Ukrainian labor market.

The Newxel team built and deployed a step-by-step strategy for setting up an R&D office. We made sure Ukraine is, indeed, the best strategic destination for the office (it was, by proximity, a wide pool of affordable game developers and a similar mentality).

Our team hired developers whose skillsets matched the client’s technology stack. Newxel set up a comfortable office for the team, empowering every programmer with high-performance hardware. For over a year, we have been supporting the client’s R&D.

Right now, Newxel is working on a new project — implementing the tech infrastructure used by the main team at the Ukrainian office.

Our fulfillment

We started by building a high-functioning game development team. At first, the Newxel talent managers hired a Unity development team lead who hired the rest required developers, skilled in deploying interactive scenarios and communicating a game creator’s vision through design elements. Later, we onboarded a QA tester and a designer to support the main team with full-cycle workflows — from ideation to debugging.

While we gave the client full control over the team, Newxel was there to mitigate communication challenges and set up internal communication infrastructure by regularly checking in on candidates and encouraging them to be proactive in the workplace.

Our team took charge of setting up the workplace. We rented office space and laid it out in the company’s brand colors. Newxel office managers focused on creating a productive environment — we got each teammate a powerful computer that supports high-resource workflows. All workstations had an adjustable desk and a comfy chair to make sure developers can work long hours without losing focus.

A personal account manager regularly synced with the HQ to answer questions and report on how the R&D team is doing. Also, we provided the client with full tax support and took control over administering the benefits.

Our services

  • Recruitment: hiring the team of Unity Developers
  • Branded separate office
  • Legal & Finance services
  • IT support & own IT infrastructure integration
  • HR & Accounting
  • Office management & procurement

R&D Center for a World-known Game Publisher

Creating games is one of the most popular areas of the 21st century. The gaming quality level keeps increasing, and all game developing companies are required to create competitive games in the market.

About the client

This international company has achieved its goals in gaming, having produced several top-market products. Being among world leaders, focused on a huge million dollar industry of playing in real-time, the company creates products that arouse high interest worldwide. With offices in 10 cities worldwide and more than 600 employees on board, our client develops and publishes excellent games day after day that can transform the way gamers play by creating simple, interactive, fun, and engaging digital games on mobile web platforms.

The Story

More than two years ago, Newxel was approached by the client with a clear request to expand the current 14-member game development team in Ukraine and create a superior individual office in line with their corporate identity.

After an accurate analysis of all the offer details, the client had accepted a turnkey solution provided by Newxel. It included a branded separated office, which had everything necessary for the team’s successful work: working areas, recreation zones, kitchen, meeting rooms, etc. The demand and trust of the customer had contributed to the creation of a highly efficient offshore game development team.

Impressive successes, tangible results, and outstanding team productivity led to a rapid increase in the team, and that meant it was time to open a new larger office. And so the next chapter of our cooperation began… But we’ll talk about this further…

Now the team in Ukraine consisted of 30 people divided into 2 departments: Development and Art.

Key goals

To grow and scale up, through opening own game development studio in Ukraine with the help of an offshore service provider. An important aspect of this process was to create an absolutely independent team that will deliver superb results.

Newxel’s approach

Newxel made every effort to open a comfortable game development R&D office in Kyiv where real-time, free-to-play casual games are created. At the beginning of our cooperation, we prepared a separate office for the client’s game developers with their own access control system. The office space was designed in accordance with company identity to reinforce the feeling of being a part of the international company for employees in Kyiv.

The process was completely transparent and personally approved by the client. We had shown flexibility in all questions related to legal and finance operations and demonstrated a common desire to smoothly achieve the ultimate goal.

In 2020 the client decided to upgrade to a larger office. Well, that was entirely predictable for us, considering the rapid increase in the number of team members. Therefore, we organized new office space with a fresh and modern design in the shortest possible time. Highly productive office with branded open space, workplaces, adjustable desks, yoga and lounge zone with a PlayStation, own kitchen, an isolated meeting room, shower, and a hall offer employees a comfortable and efficient working atmosphere. Newxel team keeps supporting the office, handles legal and financial issues, is responsible for the broad scope of facilities management, food delivery, equipment procurement, and other vital back-office services for a smooth and efficient workflow.

A while back, we also started providing recruitment services to fulfill client’s hiring needs. We are very pleased that our cooperation is reaching a new level every year and value the client’s trust, and remain committed to providing the utmost levels of services related to the R&D center model. 

Services covered by Newxel

Cooperation with the client included essential support in the organization of the R&D center in Ukraine:

  • Office for a game development, which includes all the necessary conditions for productive work. 
  • Necessary equipment and office administration. 
  • Expert hiring of developers and designers based on the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Account support. A manager from Newxel side is a link between the client and developers. 
  • Facilities management
  • Organization of corporate dinners, insurance, gifts, etc.
  • Covering all legal issues (payroll, contracts, taxes).
  • Recruitment – searching and hiring the right people that totally respond to the client’s requirements.

Technical background

Own framework (under NDA), C++ 

Game Development Team for Mobile Gaming Company

Newxel dedicated all efforts to create a team of top-class software developers with an efficient workflow. Newxel keeps supporting the team in Ukraine and helping extend the offshore R&D department to build a game product and create solutions for mobile app development


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