What to Choose for Your Startup: Dedicated Team vs In-House Development

Startup dedicated team software development

When starting a business and trying to conquer a market with some progressive ideas, the crucial thing is an in-house or dedicated team who’ll make your project come to life.

It’s more than just about simple development and completing tasks, it’s a feeling of ownership of every piece of work. You don’t need people, who aren’t involved in your idea, do you?

A startup requires full dedication on every step, you need to do your damnedest to make it work. Not to be back to the drawing board and succeed, you should adjust a team so you can fully rely on their skills and level of involvement. So, what choices do you have?

Basically, you have two comprehensive solutions: offshore dedicated teams or in-house workers. Let’s overview some pros and cons of each option to help you picking up the side.  

In-House Developers

Sometimes, an uncompromising desire to build a big in-house team can look a bit old-fashioned. You should always realize your goals and abilities before making a decision of implementing a new department. However, there are some advantages you get along with in-house developers.

  • Full access. With office workers, it’s easier to share your company’s values and culture, so they’re involved in your business on different levels. You can influence them on an everyday basis and educate them the way it’s required.
  • Control. While your developers endeavor to build an outstanding product, you can engage the process and give them a more proficient direction, if it’s required.
  • Responsibility. The vast majority of startup founders try to control every detail of development, design, marketing and even hashtags on Twitter. We all know it can be harsh, as here you’re putting the whole responsibility on your shoulders. Having in-house employees can help you to share this responsibility, because their result is the whole reason why you hired them in the first place.

The other side of the game is the cost of hiring in-house developers. It’s hard to predict the interconnection between spendings and result unless you count it after a period of time. Also, full-time office workers are not always flexible, which is vital in the startup sphere.

Offshore Dedicated Team

The future is now, if you’re not counting borders and distances. Can kilometers be a reason not to hire the perfect specialist? Can you give up some profound opportunities for your startup, because online communication seems to be a challenge? These fears can be reasonable, if you’re not ready to change the pattern of the working process. Here are some reasons why you should go with a dedicated team.

  • High efficiency. Every specific task can be covered with a required specialist – not that easy to do it with an in-house team, right? The dedicated team is a perfect solution for long-term projects like startup development, because they’re accurately chosen for all the tasks. Every developer can implement his strongest skills which can even bring about faster results. Here you can check how to choose an offshore development team to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Yet you have the whole development team, you don’t spend as much as you would on the in-house department. No need in providing all the additional benefits, you pay for a result.

A startup requires full dedication on every step, you need to do your damnedest to make it work

  • Dedication. The definition of the dedicated team speaks for itself – you have an offshore department who have an insightful comprehension of your business goals. Moreover, you’re able to involve into the working process and control when it’s needed. If you still have some doubts about how to integrate offshore developers to your in-house team, we tailor-picked some tips on it to assure you: it’s worth it.

Nothing is perfect, especially when it comes to building a startup. Dedicated teams also have some cons you should take into consideration. The startup business might have some fluctuations, which can affect development. Dedicated teams can’t always ensure you of staying with you longer than it was discussed if something is going haywire. Another issue is a communication with the offshore team – you need to take this challenge to make it work. Fortunately, it’s more than possible if you’re ready to learn how to a manage an offshore development team.

Your team can be key to the success of your startup. Consider both options before making a decision, but always remember your objectives: to make your product work and to be proud of it.