Building an Offshore Development Team for a Cloud Data Warehouse Startup

About the client

Our client is an innovative software company that provides a cloud data warehousing platform for big-data analytics experts, dev teams, and enterprises. They deliver sub-second interactive analytics experience across terabytes and petabyte scales; at a lower cost than other alternatives.  


The client came to us to handle their recruitment process. As a fast-growing startup, they were scaling and needed to hire more developers to speed up their product development. Initially, their request was for a front-end and 2 back-end developers. Later on, they needed more diverse specialists. 

But hiring developers was not the only challenge. They needed developers who were guaranteed to meet their specific requirements due to project complexity. As a result, they came to us to facilitate the hiring of the best talents. 

About our cooperation

We connected with the client to understand their processes and requirements. Through this, we discovered that the client’s product was highly complex and required developers with specific technical expertise. They had considered filling these roles with local talents but could not find specialists in Israel. Also, the client needed to scale quickly and was eager to get started on the project.

Our specialists recommended setting up an offshore development team to recruit the best developers in Ukraine. The main reason was due to the availability of a large pool of affordable skilled developers. The client agreed to this suggestion. 

With all the requirements in mind, we began the recruitment process — shortlisting only candidates with the specified skill sets. We handled all tests, negotiations, and necessary checks. Shortly after, we successfully presented our client with 3 highly skilled vetted developers. Today, we have hired 20 engineers for their offshore development team.

Our fulfillment

We first started with setting up a team of three developers; 2 back-ends and a front-end. Although we were in charge of the recruitment process, the ultimate hiring decision rested on the client. This project was time-sensitive, but we were able to deliver the developers in a short time, and the client’s project progressed rapidly. 

Aside from the standard set of services regarding HR support and account management, we provided additional services to ensure a smooth onboarding and retention process. This includes facilitating regular 1-to-1 meetings with team members and providing tight cooperation with the team for better feedback collection and issues resolution. We also provided branded products for employees and monitored the salary review process based on the performance control program and other engagement services. 

This project was a resounding success and made us the client’s go-to source to build, expand, and maintain their offshore development team. So far, we have assembled a fully functioning independent team of 20 developers in Ukraine for the client. It consists of full-stack, front-end, back-end developers, design specialists, AQA and Manual QA specialists, DevOps, and Data Engineering specialists in a very popular technical stack. Currently, we are hiring more developers. Furthermore, we also facilitate the relocation of the specialist and his family from Israel to Ukraine. 

Our services 

  • Recruitment: hiring a team of engineers
  • Branded separate office
  • Legal & Finance services
  • IT support & own IT infrastructure integration
  • HR & Accounting 
  • Office management & procurement
  • Global meetings maintenance 
  • Travel support (before Covid19, the offshore team traveled to Israel regularly)
  • Organization of the relocation of a specialist from Israel to Ukraine.

Full-stack offshore development team for Anodot in Ukraine

About the client

Anodot is headquartered in Silicon Valley, using AI to deliver autonomous analytics in real-time, across all data types, at enterprise scale. Since 2014, the company develops an AI-driven approach aimed to monitor and correlate business performance for various industries like FinTech, AdTech, E-commerce, Telecommunication, Gaming, etc. 

The Story

It was the summer of 2018, Newxel team was visiting Israel to meet with clients and discuss a potential partnership. At that time we first met with the CTO and VP of Engineering at Anodot, defined the company needs, tech stack, and the number of developers that were required at the initial stage of creating the offshore R&D team. Eventually, all details of the cooperation have been approved, and this is how the story of our long-term partnership began.
Immediately after returning to Ukraine, we launched the recruitment process and started looking for DevOps developers. Currently, the team consists of 9 programmers and constantly replenished with new team players. In 2020, the Anodot team in Ukraine grew by 43% — a tremendous growth especially given the challenging period of the pandemic.
This is an absolutely independent and highly qualified team with a Team Lead and Site Manager (DevOps). The guys are working with several Anodot projects, showing excellent results and winning an internal hackathon for the second year in a row.

Key Goals

Hire experienced DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end developers. Create a strong offshore-based team that will work autonomously and achieve incredible results. 

Newxel Approach 

Newxel has built a strong engineering team of  DevOps, Front-end (React) & Back-end (Python) software developers with deep expertise to help in creating and improving AI platform for data analysis.
From the very beginning, it was well-coordinated cooperation with the client who carefully selected candidates, conducted technical interviews, gave feedback on each candidate, and always collaborated, since we had a common goal — to create a cohesive Anodot team in Kyiv, find developers who are fully consistent with the requirements, have the appropriate knowledge and expertise.
We started the hiring process with only one DevOps and soon the team grew to 4 people. We are very proud to have been collaborating with Anodot for so long and will continue to provide reliable services aimed to grow & maintain their R&D team in Ukraine. 

Services Provided by Newxel

  • We provide ongoing recruitment support. 
  • We helped to build HR processes: HR policies, performance review, career development, retention strategy, engagement rates, etc.
    HR manager from Newxel side always makes sure that a new hire will be a good fit for the client’s team, conducting one-to-one meetings with existing employees, and gave extensive information to the client on how things are going and what can be improved. 
  • Newxel’s Account Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships between client and their team in Ukraine. He/she implements any request and makes sure that everything is working smoothly.
  • Newxel team is responsible for procurement and facility management.
  • We cover legal, accounting, and bookkeeping issues.
  • Provide private office space for the team and IT Infrastructure support.

Technical background

DevOps, AWS, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Cassandra, Python (backend), React (Front-end)

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